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How Video Can Drive Your Recruitment and Branding Efforts

According to HubSpot’s 2020 State of Marketing report, video was the most-used type of marketing content – beating out other heavyweight contenders like email, blogs and infographics. In fact, 20% of respondents primarily use TikTok (the newest social network on the list) for video viewing. This doesn’t mean diving face first into TikTok, but it does highlight a promising future for content marketers. Many social sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn offer video platforms, often as bite-sized content – “shorts” or “reels”. Therefore, many companies are making a sticky presence on these channels and attracting the best candidates with attention-snatching videos. 

The truth of the matter is that job postings with video are viewed 12% more than postings without video. On average, employers receive a 34% greater candidate application rate when they add these moving images to their job postings. They are a powerful way to strike a chord with your candidates rather than glossing over written words. 

What Successful Recruitment Marketing Videos Look Like  

Recruiting is serious business – but companies that take themselves too seriously aren’t speaking the same language as their Gen Y/ Gen Z talent pool. Take a look at this satirical recruitment video from Fiverr. It shows a level of self-awareness that appeals to their ideal talent demographic! 

 These videos can also give candidates a strong sense of what your company culture is about and what your employee value proposition (EVP) is. In a 2020 recruitment video, H&M puts its employer brand front and center, demonstrating an environment in which employees are encouraged to bring their individuality to the table. The video features H&M employees that showcase its retail departments in a guided tour-style format. 

You’d expect great recruiting content from a company like LinkedIn, but this 2019 video feels like it could have been recorded during the pandemic (other than the lack of face masks). It highlights the emotions and pain points involved in searching for a job that feels like “home.” This one also tells a story through its employees. 

A recruitment video can focus on a single aspect of your company culture, like this one from Apple highlighting diversity and inclusion. 

Your recruitment videos don’t have to be high budget or high production value. By letting your employees tell their own stories, you’re giving your candidate audience a glimpse into what your company does and how employees feel about working there. This video, from retail marketing technology company, Bluecore, puts its employees and its core values front and center.


Video has another benefit — search engines love video content. Research firm, Forrester, estimates that the chances of being on page one on a Google search increases by 53 times with video. This also translates into clicks; video has been seen to boost traffic from organic listings by as much as 157%

Where to Use Your Recruitment Videos

Your career site.

You can create a general “what it’s like to work here” video for your primary career landing page, along with shorter videos for specific job postings. Including videos throughout your career site can increase conversions and applications significantly. 

Your job posts.  

Adding videos to your job postings can immediately increase engagement. On average, candidates spend about one minute viewing a text ad, but will spend up to five minutes watching a video advertisement. 

Your social media channels.

LinkedIn’s job search feature, as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, are all options to feature video, depending on where your ideal candidates spend their time. Sharing recruitment and job posting videos on social media also allows others to share. In addition, you can encourage employees to share on their channels as part of your employee referral program. 

Your hiring events.  

These videos are great for setting up talking points, while also offering candidates an inside look at your company. You can play your recruiting videos during a session break in a virtual event or with captions during an in-person event. 

Your email marketing.

Video is a great way to showcase open roles and stand out from your competitors in a crowded employer marketplace. Sending a link to a job description is great, but offering a realistic job preview from a hiring manager via video is more than memorable. 

Remember to add a call to action at the end of your video (and in the video description) to direct viewers to apply for the job. Use subtitles (many of us watch videos with the sound off). Don’t shoot for perfection — just shoot. The production value matters less than whether or not your video is authentic, human and sincere.