Talroo Ad Platform (TAP)

Alongside the efforts of our customer service team,
use TAP to hire your essential workforce even faster.

Ready to multiply
your recruiting efforts?

TAP into the right audiences at the right time to make the right hires.

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Gain Visibility

With data at your fingertips, you can easily monitor jobs, campaign and event performance, budgets and everything in between

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Access Insights

From audience data to competitive analysis, discover trends that will keep your pipeline flowing

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Take Control

You can easily create, launch, and optimize campaigns on your own or with the support and guidance of the Talroo team

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All of Talroo,
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Advertise jobs at the right time,
in the right place

View and modify your jobs and campaigns in real time using Talroo Ad Platform.

  • Visibility into all job campaigns
  • Manage budgets
  • Easily edit jobs
Talroo job advertising dashboard.

Quickly fill your candidate funnel with hiring events

Whether your event is a video conference, a webinar, or in-person, use TAP to easily monitor and launch events

  • Transform any job into a hiring event
  • Automated candidate nurturing
  • Easily modify event details
Talroo hiring events advertising dashboard.

Plan your recruiting strategy with actionable data

All reporting at your fingertips. Whether your event is a video conference, a webinar, or in-person, use TAP to access all insights

  • Review job and campaign-level performance
  • Access audience and competitive trends
  • Job seeker trends
Talroo Insights job market dashboard.

Industry-leading features, including:

Smart Job Titles

Talroo turns job titles into billboards tailored to the right audience and with a message that attracts

Qualifying Questions

Improve the quality of applicants by qualifying the right candidates to guide through the process

Shareable Links

In addition to the Talroo reach, allow your job ads to be easily shared to social and other channels, at no extra cost

Quick Events

Quickly filter jobs, group them into events, and easily launch from the TAP dashboard

Real-time Data

Keep your recruiting efforts growing by reviewing performance data as it happens

One-click Access

TAP makes it easy to review campaigns, reports, audience data, competitive trends, and everything in between​

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