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What Insights™
can do for you

Whether you’re hiring now, or planning for business growth and future hiring, Talroo Insights can help inform your plans and maximize your results using real-time data from Talroo’s industries.

Recruiting intelligence

With Insights, you'll discover...

The volume of job seekers available to grow and expand your hiring efforts.
Where you should focus your recruiting campaigns.
The days and times that job seekers are actively looking for work.
What job titles are most popular with job seekers.
What other companies in your industry are competing for the same talent pool.
Job candidates.

Competitive analysis

Learn how your recruitment strategy compares to other companies in your industry.

Bid and conversion summaries

How much are you investing?

Learn how your bid compares with other employers using Talroo to hire for similar positions in the same locations. Know what you need to do to win more visibility with your candidates.

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View your data in meaningful ways

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Store Manager Nashville, TN

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traffic trends icon Traffic trends

How are people finding your jobs?

See how many job seekers are looking for your jobs in your area, and how you can reach more of them. Learn how your Talroo campaigns can gain more exposure based on your ad position.

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Job seeker trends

Where is the talent?

Where should you expand your hiring efforts? See the unique talent supply that you’re reaching with Talroo, and use that knowledge to optimize your recruiting strategy.

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Candidates Searching for Opportunities in Nashville, TN

Most searched zipcodes

Store Manager Nashville, TN

37211 183
37013 145
37207 138
37217 112
37206 97
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