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Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know a little more about working with Talroo

How many jobs can I post?

As many as you need. We encourage you to post all your open positions.

Is Talroo integrated with my current HR technology? Is there a fee?

Talroo is compatible with most applicant tracking systems and job distribution services. Just ask us, and we can tell you if we work with yours. We don’t charge a fee to integrate.

What if I work with an agency?

Talroo has great relationships with many agencies and we will work with your agency to ensure the best partnership for you.

Does Talroo work with any veteran or diversity sites?

Yes! We work with thousands of sites, and veteran and diversity sites are included.

How do candidates see my jobs?

Talroo shows your jobs to unique, active candidates that are looking for your kinds of jobs specifically. We’ve built an industry-leading taxonomy based on over 500 categories, so your jobs are only shown to the best-matching candidates for your positions, so you get relevant applications.

How does Talroo work?

Talroo identifies the best channels to get in front of unique audiences. Using candidate data from Talroo Pro, we’re able to anticipate how well your jobs will perform on a variety of sources, and only show your jobs to those candidates.

Why should I use Talroo?

Because Talroo reaches the right talent, at the right time, at the right price. And you only pay when a candidate interacts with your ad.

What is Talroo?

Talroo is a data-driven talent attraction solution that enables companies to reach the unique audiences they need to make hires.

Who are the candidates applying to my jobs?

Every job seeker that sees your job is an active candidate who is looking for work now. We do not push your jobs out to resume banks.

How do I receive resumes?

Talroo sends applications right to your ATS.

How can I see how my jobs are performing?

You have access to regular reporting, plus a dedicated Client Success Analyst throughout your campaign, who can provide everything you need to assess your campaign’s performance.

Is there a limit to the number of jobs I can post?

There is no limit. Post as many jobs as you need!

Do you accept feeds?

Yes. We accept API and XML feeds.

How am I billed?

Campaigns are on a month-to-month basis. You are billed for the previous month with 30-day terms.

Is an annual agreement required?

No. We do not require you to sign an annual contract.

What is pay-for-performance?

Pay-for-performance is a billing method that enables recruiters only pay when a job seeker clicks on an ad or applies for a job.

How will candidates of Talroo know that a job offer is legitimate?

Fake job offer scams are on the rise. Most frequently, scammers will impersonate recruiters and target individuals who have posted their resumes online. They will typically ask for payment to begin “training”. The fake job offers often include convincing language and may even ask for personal information.

All legitimate full-time job postings for Talroo will be posted at

Please report any impersonations of Talroo recruiters or fake job scams using our Contact page at

Where are the Talroo offices located?

We have one corporate office and it’s located in Austin, TX, right on the edge of the beautiful Central Texas hill country.

What is the company culture like?

Our culture revolves around our five core values. Visit our Core Values page to learn more.

Does Talroo offer benefits to its employees?

Absolutely! We proudly offer a full range of comprehensive benefits that support our employees as well as their eligible family members. These benefits include health care coverage, retirement savings plans, paid time off, parental leave, and resources focused on improving personal wellness. Our benefits are designed to meet the varying needs of our diverse workforce.

I have applied for a position at Talroo through the careers site. What happens next?

We’re thankful that you’re interested in working with this fun team! We review every complete application thoroughly. Initially, you’ll receive an automatic application confirmation email letting you know that your application was received. Then, your application will be reviewed by our team as quickly as possible and a decision will be made on next steps. It is our commitment to notify every applicant of their status, regardless of decision. If you’re invited for an interview, we will work with your availability to ensure a smooth candidate experience.

Can I apply in person at the Talroo office, or send my resume in the mail?

No, all applications must be submitted through our careers site.

I’m interested in working for companies that give back and get involved in their communities. Does Talroo do this?

Yes! One of our core values is Make an Impact, and volunteerism within our communities is one way we exhibit that. We organize group volunteer projects throughout the year and are always looking for unique ways to be difference makers. It’s very rewarding to those we’re supporting and to our employees!

What is Talroo’s preferred method of payment?

Pay per user engagement pays on a NET30 schedule. Not every click equates to a guaranteed CPC payout. Talroo pays via bank transfers and credit card payments.

How often will I get paid?

Talroo’s payment interval is on a NET30 schedule.

Does Talroo pay via PayPal?

Talroo does not pay via PayPal.

What geographic area does Talroo cover?

We operate in the US and only accept or pay for US-based traffic. Foreign traffic is considered unbillable.

How technical is the integration with Talroo?

Talroo offers a wide range of integration options, from easy plug-and-play widgets to an extensive API.

What is Talroo’s preferred integration?

To achieve your best revenue generation results, we highly recommend integration with Talroo’s API. Our API can help you unlock new methods to monetize your user base and existing marketing campaigns, as well as enable new product development.

Can Talroo provide XML feeds?

Talroo is not currently providing new XML feeds.

What types of reporting or dashboard features does Talroo offer?

Talroo has various real-time reporting tools publishers can use to track performance and earnings.

Can I review your Terms of Service?

Feel free to review our terms of service. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

What do I need to qualify and get started?

You’ll need to complete the marketplace application and provide several business documents, including banking information and taxpayer identification forms.

Does Talroo’s API have documentation available?

Feel free to review our API documentation. If you’re unsure of how Talroo can integrate with your platform or third-party vendors, please contact support and we’ll be happy to help.

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