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Get More Qualified Truck Driver Candidates with Talroo Connect

Other platforms deliver either hundreds of hosted apply leads or a few completed applications. Talroo Connect drives quality and quantity.
Reliable Express

Completed Truck Driver Applications Made Easy

5x Your Candidate Pipeline

Seamless Applicant Experience

Accelerated Time-To-Hire

Get More Qualified Truck Driver Candidates with Talroo Connect

  • Use qualifying questions to filter out unqualified applicants 
  • Choose target geographies to get candidates that reside in your area 
  • Use one post to advertise open roles across multiple locations 

Create a Seamless Experience for Your Candidates 

  • Leverage our hosted apply to make it easy for applicants to start applying from any device
  • Send automatic SMS and email follow-ups to foster more completed applications
  • Give peace of mind to your candidates during their application experience

Accelerate Time-To-Hire with Automation

  • Send automated email and text confirmation to candidates to confirm their application has been sent
  • Receive Talroo-sourced candidates directly into your existing applicant tracking system 

Connect your ATS to all the things you love about Talroo

Our data-driven AI matching recruitment platform reaches the candidates you need to build your essential workforce. We fill your pipeline with the right candidate, at the right time, in the right place, and for the right price.

Artificial intelligence driven candidate match

Fresh talent pools you won’t find anywhere else

Pay-for-performance model maximizes your ROI

A dedicated team of recruitment experts ensure campaign success

For Tenstreet’s Intelliapp customers, Talroo Connect lets candidates prefill DOT-compliant applications with previously stored information automatically so experienced drivers can finish your application in minutes, increasing the completed applications you receive and the hires you need.