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Solutions for Gig Industry Hiring

Talroo understands the challenges that come with hiring in the rapidly expanding gig economy, made even more essential by COVID-19. Hiring for volume and differentiating yourself from competitors can be difficult, but we’re here for you.

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How Talroo helps gig economy
companies hire

Talroo Pro

High-performance job advertising

Reach unique job seekers searching for jobs at freelance and delivery that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Scale your hiring efforts
  • Meet the rising demand for delivery services and more
  • Tap new candidate source
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Talroo Events

Hire at scale

Go beyond the job posting and meet your hiring goals through in-person, drive-through, or online events.

  • Hire the volume of candidates you need
  • Enter new markets and fulfill seasonal surges quickly
  • Comply with safety protocols
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Talroo Insights

Recruitment marketing intelligence

Gain insights into your competitive standing with an award-winning recruitment marketing intelligence tool.

  • See which zip codes have the most gig job seekers
  • Analyze which job titles attract candidates the most
  • Find which companies are competing for job seekers
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Quality gig economy candidates
searching for your jobs on their terms

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Unique job

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***Source: Talroo Insights Data

Talroo understands job seekers

Since Talroo powers job searches nationwide, we are able to be a strategic partner with recruitment leaders at on-demand gig economy platforms. Your hiring success is a critical component of your business growth. Talroo empowers your recruiting plan with in-depth job seeker insights and exclusive data points.

Job seeker job title search examples.

What job titles are most popular?

Job seekers in Talroo’s network are searching for a variety of titles in on-demand gig work, from delivery driver, to freelance writer, to dog walker, and beyond.

Job seeker activity timeline.

When are job seekers looking?

Gig economy job searches peak around 1 pm and are most searched for on Tuesday.

US map of job seeker location.

Where are the job seekers?

Job seeker activity across the country.

Only pay for what you get with Pay-for-Performance job advertising

When you work with Talroo, we optimize your campaigns to a target Cost-per-Application.
You only pay for the results we deliver.

On average, our clients achieve 20% better recruiting budget ROI with Talroo.

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