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Understanding Key Staffing Metrics

The realm of data analytics in staffing can be broad and complex. From applicant tracking systems to candidate engagement rates, the significance of data points and their implications for staffing strategies might feel like untangling a web of knots. However, by understanding these essential metrics, staffing professionals can optimize recruitment processes, enhance candidate experiences, and ultimately achieve … Continued

Why You Shouldn’t Stop Recruiting During A Recession

According to PwC pulse survey results released in early November, 81% of CHROs said they will use at least one tactic to greatly reduce their workforce in light of a possible recession. This includes layoffs, voluntary retirement, performance-based cuts, natural attrition and hiring freezes. But, most are reporting that their recruiting funnels are still active … Continued

How to Hire Call Center Workers

The business landscape has rapidly shifted, transitioning to a model where consumer activities increasingly take place online. Online transactions make help desks, call centers, and other means of assisting customers doubly important. The labor market has been booming in the United States. But employers may still need help hiring call center workers to expand their … Continued

Ultimate Guide To The Recruitment Process 

A company’s recruitment process plays a pivotal role in success in both the long term and short term. Ideally, you want every one of your employees to be perfect in their position. To do that, you must have an excellent recruitment process that brings in only the best talent available.  In practice, doing this is … Continued

How to Reduce Turnover in Manufacturing 

Manufacturing was experiencing a hiring issue before the pandemic, but that issue exploded into a full-blown crisis when the pandemic reordered just about all of our lives.  To stay afloat, companies have had to scramble to fill employment gaps. Part of that has been to examine the industry and find ways to attract talented and … Continued

How to Hire Manufacturing Workers

 The manufacturing industry is facing a worker shortage as more things become automated and the current workforce ages out of the industry. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find good help.   There are plenty of impressive candidates if you know where to look. The trick is to avoid some common mistakes that manufacturing recruiters … Continued

Crafting Your Data-Driven Recruitment Strategy FAQ 

The trucker shortage continues to be a major problem for the logistics industry. In the United States, the current shortfall stands at over 80,000, which means that there are some 80,000 jobs to fill. And the situation will only continue to get worse unless trucking companies change their recruiting tactics. Check out our webinar with … Continued

How to Hire Truck Drivers

Trucking is a big business in the United States. In 2020, there were over 1.7 million truck drivers employed in the U.S., according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That number is only expected to grow in the coming years as the demand for goods shipped by truck continues to increase.  With interest in trucking … Continued

How to Hire Teachers

With teacher shortages reported across the country, ensuring your school is doing everything possible to attract and retain quality educators is more important than ever. Teachers not only play a vital role in shaping the minds of our future generations, but they also contribute to the economy and society as a whole. That’s why finding … Continued