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Author: Casey Pontrelli

Unlocking the Power of Recruitment Tech: A Deep Dive into Frontline and Essential Worker Hiring

The right recruitment technology can make all the difference in today’s competitive talent market. The challenges are unique for organizations aiming to hire frontline and essential workers, and the stakes are high. With the myriad of recruitment tools available, how can HR professionals and recruiters navigate this landscape effectively? Let’s dive into the key questions … Continued

The Importance of Talent Retention in Manufacturing

Addressing the tight labor market and workforce churn amid shifting talent models is a top priority for most manufacturers in 2023. According to Deloitte, despite a record level of new hires, job openings in the industry are still hovering near all-time highs. Additionally, voluntary separations continue to outnumber layoffs and discharges, indicating substantial workforce churn. This … Continued

Strategies for Aligning Compensation Planning with Today’s Workforce

In today’s rapidly evolving work environment, employers face the challenge of attracting, retaining, and motivating top talent. To remain competitive, companies must align their compensation planning strategies with the expectations and needs of the modern workforce. New pay transparency laws in the U.S. also make updating your compensation planning necessary.  Related: 5 Compensation Trends HR Leaders … Continued

What is Ethical AI in Hiring?

Artificial intelligence (AI) in technology and applicant tracking systems (ATS) have become indispensable tools for companies worldwide. According to Aptitude Research, 55% of hiring managers have invested in AI recruitment. And most Fortune 500 companies are using AI technology to filter resumes before they get to hiring teams and recruiters. Automation, driven by AI, allows hiring and recruiting teams … Continued

Setting Your Retail Seasonal Hiring Up For Success

Because of increasing demand for talent during peak periods such as holidays, special events, or seasonal fluctuations, especially for retail hourly roles, recruiting teams must be able to plan carefully, streamline processes, write clear job descriptions, forecast for seasonal fluctuations and maintain an active hiring funnel.  With industries like retail and food service experiencing significant … Continued

The Role of the Recruiting Software Manager 

Emerging technologies and the rapid acceleration of the tech-driven recruitment process mean that many recruitment managers and HR professionals have been doing the work of a recruitment software manager ad hoc, with little support or training, on top of their existing responsibilities. We’re seeing a shift with more HR roles in job postings that look … Continued

How Creating an Intentional Candidate Experience Can Better Your Brand

How candidates are treated reflects upon how employees are treated. While new tools and technologies like automation and generative AI can help improve time-to-hire, one major roadblock that can lead to a poor candidate experience is little-to-no human interaction at various stages in the recruitment process.  Creating an intentional candidate experience means designing and implementing … Continued

The Benefits of Apprenticeships in the Trucking Industry

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) reported a shortage of 80,000 drivers last year, an all-time high that could reach 160,000 by 2030. To keep up with demand over the next decade, the trucking industry must recruit nearly one million new drivers to close the gap caused by demand for freight, projected retirements, and other issues. In December … Continued

How Employee Development Can Help Create Your Future Workforce

According to a 2020 report by the World Economic Forum, the rapid acceleration of automation and economic uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will shift the division of labor between humans and machines. This means that as technology develops and evolves, the workforce will use more technology, creating more modern, tech-based jobs. The World Economic Forum … Continued