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Author: Casey Pontrelli

5 Compensation Trends HR Leaders Should Watch For

In the middle of 2021, with inflation and interest rates rising, most salary increase budget projections were expected to be around 3 percent to 3.2 percent for 2022. However, with high wage growth and inflation following its initial April report, The Conference Board fielded its annual survey again (from Nov. 8 to Nov. 19, 2021, this time) … Continued

Job Ads That Include Fair Chance Hiring Policies Are On the Rise

Because many employers struggle to fill positions, some widen their search to include people with criminal records and advertising fair chance hiring policies. In May 2022, the percentage of job postings on Indeed that promote fair chance hiring was up 31% from May 2019. The same report indicates that the share of job searches using phrases like … Continued

How HR Can Support Employee Mental Health and Wellness

Many employers offer employee assistance programs (EAPs), which typically give employees immediate phone access to a counselor, a limited number of free sessions with a mental health care professional, and referrals to therapists. However, EAP utilization averages below 10 percent, according to multiple studies, consultants, and human resource professionals – likely due to the stigma … Continued

How Internal Mobility Can Help You Keep Your Top Performers

A new study by research firm Workplace Intelligence, conducted in partnership with Amazon, finds that almost three-quarters of Millennial and Gen Z workers plan to quit their jobs in 2023 due to a lack of skills-building opportunities. Employees surveyed are incredibly focused on remedying this situation: 89% said they’re “extremely” or “somewhat” motivated to improve their … Continued

How To Master Your Recruitment Analytics

Recruitment analytics is discovering and interpreting patterns for sourcing, selecting, and hiring suitable candidates. There are three levels of recruitment analytics:  Various recruitment analytics tools, tactics, and software will be described in this article to help get you started with streamlining your recruitment process. The Three Levels of Recruitment Analysis There are three primary levels … Continued

Everything to Know About Optimizing ATS Recruitment

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are incredible employee recruitment software. Though many of us are familiar with ATS, we may need to learn why employers use it in recruitment or what ATS recruitment services are available.  ATS recruitment systems manage your entire hiring and recruitment process, including job postings and applications. Some software organizes job seekers … Continued

How To Hire Chefs

If you run a restaurant, you know how difficult it can be to hire quality chefs. Whether you’re looking for a pastry chef, sous chef, or head chef, these employees will be crucial to the success of your restaurant.  But how do you hire chefs with confidence? Every restaurant, resort, country club, or cruise line … Continued

Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Marketing

Gone are the days when companies could post a job opening and expect a wide range of candidates, including the best talent. Technology and social media have transformed how companies run, and branding and marketing are on a new level. Every company has had to up the ante to beat the competition and grow.  This … Continued