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Recruiting Metrics

Understanding Key Staffing Metrics

The realm of data analytics in staffing can be broad and complex. From applicant tracking systems to candidate engagement rates, the significance of data points and their implications for staffing strategies might feel like untangling a web of knots. However, by understanding these essential metrics, staffing professionals can optimize recruitment processes, enhance candidate experiences, and ultimately achieve … Continued

How To Master Your Recruitment Analytics

Recruitment analytics is discovering and interpreting patterns for sourcing, selecting, and hiring suitable candidates. There are three levels of recruitment analytics:  Various recruitment analytics tools, tactics, and software will be described in this article to help get you started with streamlining your recruitment process. The Three Levels of Recruitment Analysis There are three primary levels … Continued

What Are Interview Scorecards and How to Use Them

Hiring manager approval can be the lengthiest part of the candidate screening process. In our current talent marketplace (where time-to-hire is one of the top metrics), successful managers are establishing candidate evaluation guidelines to quickly fill open positions. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by utilizing interview scorecards. Interview scorecards standardize evaluations for … Continued

How to Calculate Employee Retention Rate

Happy employees remain committed to their roles, enhancing company culture and improving the overall success of your organization. How do you keep employees fulfilled in a job market filled with competitive employers and incentives? The first step is learning how to calculate employee retention rate. Employee retention rate refers to the number of employees that … Continued

What is Full-Time Equivalent? (FTE)

You may have heard the term Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) in the context of the number of employees working, the salary employees receive or the benefits a company is mandated to give their workers. What does FTE stand for, how do you calculate it and how does it affect a company and its employees? What is … Continued

Improving Staffing Agency Hiring with Recruitment Metrics

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty, chaos, and obstacles for employers across most industries. It’s hard to find candidates, it’s hard to keep them, and it’s so hard to meet staffing needs that employers in industries like retail, healthcare, supply chain and restaurants are raising starting wages, offering interview or sign-on bonuses, … Continued