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Author: Talroo

The Complete Guide to Restaurant Recruitment

If you’re a restaurant owner, finding the right employees might be one of the biggest challenges you face. It’s not enough to have a great menu, a great wine list or a great location. You also need to recruit top-notch people you can trust to do the best job possible. Unfortunately, many restaurants fail because … Continued

The Complete Guide to Retail Recruitment

Every business is only as good as its employees. Whether you’re running a franchise or staffing a multinational corporation, you rely on front-line retail workers to keep the lights on and customers happy. Without an ironclad retail recruitment process, are you hiring the best people for the job? Find out how to develop highly effective … Continued

Guide to Healthcare Recruitment Strategies

Having a sufficient workforce is the backbone of providing quality healthcare at a time when medical professionals continue to deal with pandemic challenges. There’s a shortage of healthcare workers, and the future doesn’t offer much promise. The pandemic has led to exhaustion and burnout among clinicians, resulting in high turnover rates. According to the American … Continued

Guide to Job Offer Letter Templates

Sending a job offer letter can be challenging to navigate, whether by email or by formal letter. What should you include? How should you send it? We’ve answered all your questions below. You’ll also find a clear, easy-to-follow offer letter template for both email and traditional letter job offers. What is an Offer Letter? A … Continued

Complete Onboarding Checklist for New Hires

Employees come and go; some rapidly move on to another job, while others become part of the company family for the next two-to-three decades. Regardless, it’s important to ensure a smooth transition for each new hire. Here is an onboarding checklist to ensure you have everything you need when new recruits join the team. Pre-Employment … Continued

Guide to New Employee Announcements and Emails

The first day on the job will always cause a roller coaster of emotions for a new employee. They may not know what to expect, but you can create an announcement that makes them feel welcome. An employee announcement will communicate all the meaningful characteristics of the team member. It will also encourage current team … Continued

How to Create New Employee Welcome Emails

You’ve just hired your latest employee, and you want to welcome them to the company in a professional way. How do you write that employee welcome email? New employee welcome emails are a great way to help your new hire start on the right foot with their team. You can use it to express how … Continued

How to Write a Candidate Rejection Email

Let’s face it, the market is ripe with talented candidates seeking new opportunities. Whether aspiring to begin a new career, change careers or simply find employment, there are many reasons why people are applying to work for your company. However, there are more potential prospects than job availability in the market. An expert method to … Continued

How to Find Good Employees at Scale

It’s never been more critical for companies to find good employees. If you want to stay competitive in this new environment, you need the best hires. It isn’t easy — there are many reasons why finding good employees can be challenging. From an aging workforce to globalization to a lack of qualified applicants, the landscape … Continued

How to Calculate Employee Retention Rate

Happy employees remain committed to their roles, enhancing company culture and improving the overall success of your organization. How do you keep employees fulfilled in a job market filled with competitive employers and incentives? The first step is learning how to calculate employee retention rate. Employee retention rate refers to the number of employees that … Continued