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Guide to New Employee Announcements and Emails

The first day on the job will always cause a roller coaster of emotions for a new employee. They may not know what to expect, but you can create an announcement that makes them feel welcome. An employee announcement will communicate all the meaningful characteristics of the team member. It will also encourage current team members to meet the new hire.

This article explains everything you need to know about a new employee introduction email. We describe what information to include, the different types of announcements and some templates you can use for inspiration.

What is a New Employee Announcement?

A new employee announcement introduces them to the company. The purpose is to give current employees an idea of the new employee’s background, motivations and other information. An employee welcome letter will only go to the new employee. A welcome email for a new team member is sent to the entire company or department.

Joining a new company can be an emotional experience for the new team member. A new employee announcement will break the ice and allow employees to learn fun things about them. There is also a good chance a current employee has something in common with the incoming employee.

Elements to Include in a New Employee Announcement

There are several things you could highlight about the new employee. The important thing is to ask them what they want to include. Have them provide information on the things that interest them. That way, the announcement is authentic and accurately describes the person. If you are looking for some things to ask the new employee, here are some informational pieces you can include:

  • Full name — let people know what name the new employee prefers.
  • Start date — this will give context as to when the team can expect the new employee to arrive.
  • Job position — gives people a general idea of how this person’s role will fit in with the team.
  • Department — if the announcement is going to the whole company, include the department.
  • Supervisor — describe who the person will report to or which team they will be joining.
  • Core responsibilities — this information lets people know how the new team member will add value.
  • Academic and professional background — provides people with a backstory of what the new employee did before joining the company.
  • Contact information — if people want to reach out directly, include a phone number or email.
  • Fun facts — list 3 – 5 fun facts so people can learn about the new employee and their interests outside of work.

Who Should Read and Receive a New Hire Announcement?

The company size will play a pivotal role in who should receive the new employee announcement. A smaller organization will send the communication out to the entire company. Since everyone is more interconnected at a smaller company, a company-wide announcement makes sense.

However, a large Fortune 500 company is different. When a company is large enough, departments do not interact with all groups. Therefore, the announcement only needs to go to a specific department or business unit. The most important people to include in the email are those who will engage with the new employee every day.

Different Types of New Employee Announcements

Besides emails, there are many ways to announce a new employee. Below are some of the unique ways your company can spread the good news about a new team member.

Multi-Channel Announcement

Employees may like to digest news in different ways, which is why cross-channel announcements can be effective. First, identify your organization’s 3 – 5 most popular communication channels. Then, lay out the appropriate messages on each of the channels. Here are some suggestions for different channels for new employee announcements:

  • Department email — or company-wide welcome to the team email: a short message with the information listed above.
  • Newsletter — The newsletter format will enable more space to write about interesting employee information. Include a picture to put a face to a name.
  • Bulletin Board — Say you want to have a little fun with the announcement. The bulletin board is a good spot for a humorous photo and fun subjects like favorite movie, food or quote.
  • Facebook Group — you can also keep it concise on the Facebook group with a casual photo or motivational quote.

In-person Introductions

Without making the employee feel nervous, your department could welcome the new team member through an introductory meeting, lunch or party. Doing so will allow them to meet people face-to-face and make a personal connection. This strategy also works well if there is a group of new employees joining the company.

There are several ways to run this event. The primary goal is to let everyone learn something new about the arriving team member. If the new employee is outgoing, they can also get up and introduce themselves to the group. You could also use this as an opportunity to have everyone share something about themselves. That way, the new employee does not feel singled out.

Snack and Meet

Another fun way to connect a new employee and the rest of the team is through snacks. You could set out snacks on the new employee’s desk and send out an announcement. That way, employees can stop by and grab a free treat and then meet the new team member face-to-face.

New Hire Announcement Examples

Now that you understand the fundamentals behind a new employee announcement, it is time to dive into some examples. Each of the samples below is different formats, tones and styles that will work for any company.

Try some of these messages, and then add a unique twist! It is also essential to train your team on how to write an announcement of a new employee.

New Employee Announcement #1

Hello team,

Everyone, please welcome the newest member of our growing company:

Joanna Smith

Joanna has a proven track record of success in the industry, bringing more than 10 years of experience. She worked for some premiere brands like (name), (name) and (name). I am happy to announce that she will join the engineering team as a software developer.

In addition to her skills and professional experience, Joanna is a passionate hiker and lover of outdoor sports. She is also a member of the local rotary group, a supporter of (cause) and a volunteer at (community organization).

We are confident that Joanna will be a valuable addition to the team. We know you will all make her feel like a member of the family. Drop by and welcome her to the team or give her a call at 123-4567.

New Employee Announcement #2

Hello team,

Let us all welcome our newest member of the (company) family: Joanna Smith!

Joanna will join the team on Tuesday as a Senior Account Manager for the Northeast region. She’ll be reporting to the Chief Revenue Officer, John Thompson. Her primary goal will be to establish and strengthen relationships with our key accounts.

She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin in 2010 and has more than 12 years of experience in the retail sector. Joanna comes to our organization from (previous company name), where she worked as an Account Manager and achieved an 87% client retention rate.

Joanna is also a volunteer at the humane society and coaches her daughter’s youth softball team. When she isn’t going above and beyond for customers, she loves to golf, cycle and spend time with her family.

We’re ecstatic to watch her apply her expertise and interpersonal skills. She’ll be helping grow our brand and exceed our sales goals for this year. Joanna sits on the west side of the third floor, so feel free to stop by and introduce yourself!

New Employee Announcement #3 for Clients

Hi team,

I am happy to announce that Joanna Smith is now joining us as a Senior Account Manager. She will join the company next Monday and be your go-to contact on everything related to her account. Joanna brings more than a decade of experience. She also was the top salesperson at her last company for four consecutive years.

Joanna earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin. She also commits to lifelong learning and is constantly studying trends and courses. She wants to be the best partner possible for each and every one of you. We’re thrilled to have her on the team.

New Employee Announcement #4 for a Smaller Team

Hello team,

I’m thrilled to announce that Joanna Smith will be joining our growing service team next week. At her previous company, she was integral in launching a new CRM. She also set several customer retention records, because of her ability to interact with people of all personality types.

Joanna loves to meet new people and enjoys checking out the restaurants around town. We’re excited to have her on the team, and we know she will help make your jobs a lot easier.

We will be having a “Meet and Greet” event in the break room today at noon. We welcome you to join us!