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How to Create New Employee Welcome Emails

You’ve just hired your latest employee, and you want to welcome them to the company in a professional way. How do you write that employee welcome email?

New employee welcome emails are a great way to help your new hire start on the right foot with their team. You can use it to express how excited you are about hiring them and the value they’ll bring to your company moving forward.

Depending on how large your workforce is, you’ll likely send this email to their manager, straight to them or maybe even your entire team.

The Importance of Writing New Employee Emails

Writing a welcome email for new employees is a necessary part of the hiring process and a great way to welcome them and set the tone for their time with your company. These emails lay the foundation for their entire time with your team. It can be sent after someone accepts an offer letter or at any point during orientation — even if they haven’t started work yet.

Employee welcome emails bring new employees up to speed, share information about the company culture and introduce them to their peers. They can also be great for passing along any resources your new hires might need.

Everyone likes feeling appreciated, so showing your new employee just how great they are by sending a thoughtful message can go a long way towards building rapport with them.

Categories of New Employee Emails

Writing a welcome email that works for your team is mainly contingent on the type of welcome email you send. There are various ways to communicate your message depending on who you’re writing to, what they need to know and how formal you want to be.

Here are some of the most common types of new employee emails:

Offer Acceptance Acknowledgement

If your new hire accepts an offer letter sent to them, use this to set up the rest of your email by conveying how excited you are for them to join your team. You can also briefly mention any next steps or paperwork they need to complete before starting work.

Orientation Schedule

If you’re welcoming a new hire to your office, this is where you can express how excited everyone is to meet them in person. You can also go over what they should expect from the company and their co-workers.

Company-Wide Announcements

If you’re writing a company-wide email, you can mention the new hire’s name and how they’ll be making an impact with your team. You can also include some critical information about their role within the company regarding what everyone needs to know.

Structuring a Great Welcome Email to a New Employee

It’s essential to keep your tone friendly and upbeat. You can use the welcome email to introduce your company culture, let them know about their role and mention any resources they might need moving forward.

Use this structure as a base for your email, but feel free to tailor it to your company’s needs.


Begin your first paragraph by mentioning the new hire’s name and how excited you are that they’re joining your team. Next, note how the organization brought this person on board (i.e., which position they accepted or hired as an intern). You can also include where this person is located in the office if it pertains to what you want to talk about next.

Welcome, New Hire!

This paragraph introduces your company and briefly mentions why you’re so excited for them to join. You can also go over any details that pertain to the role they accepted.

What to Expect from Their Co-workers and Company

Briefly mention what your new hire should expect from their co-workers so they can start on the right foot. You can go over some of your company’s perks, whether it’s fitness classes or free snacks in the break room. You can also talk about any events that are coming up soon and what your new hire can look forward to from their time with you.

Final Words of Welcome

In this paragraph, go over how much the company values them and how their role is integral to helping the company achieve its goals. You can also mention what they should expect moving forward, especially if there’s anything you want them to know before they start.


In this final section, thank your new employee and let them know that you’re available for any questions or concerns they might have. You can also share any additional resources that might help them get settled in and start doing their best work.

What to Include in a New Employee Welcome Email

Here are a few things to include in a new hire welcome email that can make their first days with your company much smoother.

Welcome Video

If you have a welcome video that new staff members can watch when they first log into their computers, this is the perfect place to mention it. Let them know what products or services your company offers at the beginning of your message, so they understand why they’re watching.


If you didn’t include a welcome video, you could incorporate checklists into your email. Tell them how to get started and find onboarding tools on the company website or in the HR toolkit.

Let new hires know what to expect during the first few days of orientation and how much time they’ll need to complete each step. You can also mention any events they should look forward to and the name of the person overseeing their orientation.

Important Points of Contact

Mention the name of the employees to contact if they experience any problems or concerns. You can share their email address, office phone number and how often they’re available to help.

Crucial points of contact include:

  • Department manager
  • IT service desk
  • Payments Controller
  • HR Manager

Office Map

If there’s a map (or virtual tour) of your office, use this email to include the link. You can also mention where they should sit or which desk they have if it’s already decided and clearly labeled.

Welcome FAQs

Your new hire might have some questions regarding their role, your company policies, benefits or any other questions. Incorporate FAQs into this email so they can refer to them later.


You can include links to relevant, valuable resources for new employees at the end of your email. These might consist of information about benefits or company policies, detailed guides and any tools they might need in their role. You can also include links to recent company announcements, industry news or blog posts.

Sample Templates for New Employee Welcome Emails:


Hello [First Name],

We’re so excited that you’ve decided to join our team at [COMPANY NAME].

As a new employee, we want to make sure you have as much information as possible about all the benefits and policies our company offers. To help with this, we’ve put together a short onboarding checklist.

During orientation, our team members will answer any questions you have about the policies or benefits that are most important to you.

Feel free to contact us if you need immediate help. We can’t wait for you to join the [COMPANY NAME] family!

Kind Regards,

Your Name Here


Dear [First Name],

Welcome to the [COMPANY NAME] team! We’re so excited to have you on board.

Before your orientation begins, we wanted to send you some helpful information about our company policies and benefits. You’ll find links to all of our company policies, employee handbook, benefits information and valuable tools on this page.

As a new hire, you must be aware of everything we offer as a company. These documents will be an excellent resource for you in the future.

If you have any questions about the onboarding process or need immediate help, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Your Name Here


Hello [First Name],

Welcome to [COMPANY NAME]. We’re so excited that you’ll be able to help us grow our team even more.

We’ve included some tools you might need to make it easier for you on your first day.

Also, if you have any questions about the onboarding process or need immediate help, please don’t hesitate to contact anyone on this list.

We can’t wait to get to know you better!

Best regards,

Your Name Here


Hi [First Name],

We’re very excited to officially welcome you as a new member of the [COMPANY NAME] team! Your positive energy and fresh ideas are what we need here.

As one of our newest employees, you must know all the company policies and benefits. Click here to see our policies, employee handbook and other important information that will be helpful for you as a new employee. Feel free to reach out if you need immediate help or have any questions about the onboarding process.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with us!


Your Name Here


Hello [First Name],

Great news! You’ve got the job at [COMPANY NAME]. We’re so happy to have you join our team.

As one of our newest employees, you must know all the company policies and benefits. Click here for a list of our company policies, employee handbook and other helpful information.

Feel free to contact [HR Department] if you need immediate help or have any questions about the onboarding process.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with us!


Your Name Here


Welcome [First Name],

We’re looking forward to working with you from a distance. In this email, we’ll provide all the information you need to know about your role and how it will operate when you’re away from the office. We’ve also included some helpful tools to make your remote experience even better.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with us!


Your Name Here

Conventional Welcome Message Examples

“We’d love to introduce you to your new co-workers and give you a feel for everyone’s personality and work style in an email before you even start the onboarding process! Give us a call if you have any questions or want to talk more. Otherwise, we hope to see you soon!”

“We’re so excited to have you onboard and get started together. We’ve included some necessary information about the onboarding process in this email. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any help or want to talk more.”

“We’re thrilled that you accepted our offer and will be joining the team! We’ve included some helpful tools in this email to help you get started here. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.”

“Congratulations on getting the job! We’re excited about your start date, and we wanted to introduce ourselves and provide some resources for you before that happens.”

“Welcome to the team! Here is a list of all the tools and resources you’ll need as an employee. There’s also a helpful map, so you know our exact location on this campus. Feel free to reach out with any questions or if you need anything.”

“We’re so happy to have you onboard and can’t wait for your start date! There is a help guide included in the welcome email that contains all of our phone numbers, tech-specs and other information that might be helpful as you get started.”


A welcome email for a new team member is an integral part of getting a new employee started at your business and can be the perfect opportunity to show that you are excited to have them on board. These sample emails are simple and easy to adapt for your business and can be a great way to welcome new employees.

A welcome to the team letter will never feel outdated and incredibly personal for each new hire. If your business is looking for a way to make a new employee feel welcome and excited for their new role, sending them a simple email with all the necessary information and tools can be a great way to do so.