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The Who, What, Where About Jobs2Careers and Our Job Seeker Marketplace

I love it when new customers and job seekers begin using Jobs2Careers and their response is “Who are you, where did you come from, and why didn’t I hear about you sooner?”

While we’re not from a galaxy far, far away, we do hail from what I like to refer as “The Center of the Job Search Universe.” Austin, TX that is. Why? Indeed and Jobs2Careers have similar paths, even sharing the same HQ address, 6433 Champion Grandview Way. Together, Indeed and Jobs2Careers support billions of global job searches every month and help millions of job seekers find work. We’re kindred spirits supporting the work ecosystem.

In just 5 years, we’ve built a robust marketplace for talent serving almost 1 billion job searches every month. And we’ve only just begun. Our youth as a company gives us a distinct engineering advantage to continue designing disruptive technologies serving the ecosystem. We rally around innovating and serving job seekers and employers more effectively than ever before.

So what’s so different about this? The word “effectively.” “Effectively” means matching jobs to job seekers within our talent marketplace then delivering their applications to employers. We go out to our marketplace to find talent and only charge employers for completed applications, not job views (clicks) or job posts (flat fee). Coupling our marketplace reach with a handful of trained algorithms to help ensure match quality and you’ve got the next powerhouse in Austin.

We are the world’s 1 pay per application talent marketplace with the intent and motive to match talent with work more effectively than ever before.