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Restaurant Hiring Playbook Released for Successful Food Service Hiring

Talroo, an award-winning job and hiring event advertising platform, has launched a comprehensive new eBook detailing best practices for food service hiring in today’s mismatched job market in the post-pandemic landscape.

Food services was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and is only beginning to see true recovery. After widespread closures in March and April, as well as thousands of laid-off workers across the country, many restaurants and bars eventually got to reopen their doors at varying capacities. Now, the industry is facing increased demand for staff as customers are returning to dining out at pre-pandemic levels, and restaurants are struggling to fully staff up to meet consumer demand.

Talroo’s Restaurant Hiring Playbook details the state of hiring for the food service industry today and recommends top tools, checklists, and optimization tactics to use throughout recruiting. Highlights include top job titles searched, trends that are expected to stick around post-pandemic, and the best recruitment metrics to track and KPIs to follow. The playbook covers everything recruiters need to know to be successful in today’s market.

“It’s an unprecedented time in the economy and for the service sector right now,” said Talroo VP of Talent Solutions, Paige Drews. “There are job seekers out there, but businesses are struggling to reach them. We’ve seen some creative methods from employers trying to find talent, like sign-on bonuses and interview incentives, but they’re not enough. We’re here to help talent acquisition professionals in the space by providing the information they need to position themselves above competition, streamline their recruiting efforts, and make the hires they’re looking for.”

Recruiters in food service have been struggling for months now to find enough candidates, while fighting to keep up with safety standards and competing with not only other restaurants for talent, but other industries, too. Talroo’s latest playbook explains everything recruiters need to know to find and hire restaurant workers at scale.

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