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Talroo Pro New Feature: Target CPA For Job Advertising

Talroo, an award-winning talent attraction platform, announces the release of Target CPA (Cost per Application), an enhancement to its Talroo Pro pay-for-performance job advertising solution. Target CPA uses job seeker conversion data to bid real-time so that recruitment marketing advertisers reach the right audiences at the right places, at the right time, and at the right price. This enables recruiters and talent acquisition professionals to maximize their applicant flow by bidding efficiently – high enough to be competitive, but not overpaying.

“Target CPA helps answer a question our customers ask all the time – ‘How much do I need to pay?’ Especially in today’s unprecedented labor market, companies need to know what’s realistic to spend for the workers they need to hire. Too low and you miss out, and too high and you overspend,” said Talroo CEO Thad Price. “Target CPA uses billions of data points across Talroo’s audience network to predict the right price, so you get the best results from your investment. We can price match your existing goals to ensure Talroo provides a new stream of candidates at a price in alignment with your needs and, in some cases, at even a lower price depending on job seeker activity.”

Target CPA uses a dynamic bidding algorithm that identifies the best audience for customers’ jobs – the audience that is highly engaged, qualified, and within budget. Talroo does this by leveraging proprietary first-party data, from 1.8 billion job searches monthly across the job seeker audience network.

Every time a job seeker applies, Talroo’s AI algorithm learns and provides better job recommendations to job seekers with similar profiles and behaviors. For sources that are showing highly engaged, high-converting traffic, bidding gets more aggressive – and for sources where job seekers are less engaged, bidding scales back automatically. This programmatically reaches the right candidates at the right time across all channels, saving recruiters time and money.

Target CPA is included in Talroo Pro and available in the newly released Talroo Ad Platform (TAP). Advertisers may enable Target CPA for job advertisements or transform jobs into hiring events. To learn more about how Talroo can help you find new job seekers, contact us at