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How to Hire Warehouse Workers

In July 2021, there were 1.44 million workers in the warehouse and storage industry, surpassing the previous record set in November 2020. Well into 2022, those numbers don’t show any signs of slowing down.

Considering the rapid eCommerce and online shopping increase over the past few years, it is no surprise that these companies and others need to hire warehouse workers en masse for optimal coverage.

If you need warehouse workers for your local operations or online business, you might need some hiring tips in these turbulent times.

Our Talroo team has consistently monitored this industry, and we have developed these tips to help you hire hardworking warehouse workers.

Provide a Clear and Thorough Job Posting

Warehouse job seekers want to know what you need for your warehouse position so they know they aren’t spending time trying to get a job that isn’t the right fit. Avoid leaving unclear or open-ended job descriptions and skills lists to make it possible to fit in other duties once you have hired them. If you bring in someone for an interview, hire them for the job, and introduce new job duties or needed skills, you could easily break their trust and commitment to the position for which you hired them.

Write a job posting that is as specific and clear as possible to ensure that you attract the right worker for the position. Further, providing them with accurate expectations will give them one more reason to stay with your business for as long as you need them.

Finally, a vague listing might cause some applicants to avoid the posting because they don’t know how to proceed or feel uneasy about the lack of transparency.

Offer Competitive Pay

Fair and competitive wages are crucial for warehouse workers seeking a good job fit for their skills and background.

According to the NAIOP, a combination of pay and job security consistently has ranked as the most crucial factor for warehouse workers deciding to accept a position since 2007. If you offer a competitive salary, you’ll stand out and find that you can attract and hire the best applicants.

Benefits like paid time off (PTO) and retirement savings plans can take your compensation offering over the top and attract the best in the industry. You can attract better talent than your competitors if you are willing to go above and beyond. Best of all, you can improve employee retention with this investment.

Extend Advancement Opportunities

Some warehouse employee applicants might be interested in future promotions and leadership positions. Others might not realize they want to grow with your business, but putting the idea out there can attract them to your company.

Enabling upward mobility is an excellent way to engage employees and improve retention rates. With upward mobility, you let candidates know you’d like them to help your business grow. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 70% of employees promoted within the first three years with a company chose to stay on, compared to 45% who had no opportunity to advance.

Track your warehouse workers’ success, taking small steps toward bigger promotions by rewarding productivity with recognition and merit-based raises.

Enlist Employees’ Help with a Referral Program

If you have a great team of warehouse workers on your payroll, why not find out if they know hard workers who need a job? One of the best ways to find new warehouse workers is by offering employee referrals. Offer employees the chance to earn a bonus or additional time off for every successful referral and hire.

Provide Flexible Work Schedules

Offering multiple shifts in your warehouse allows applicants to enjoy flexible scheduling. Otherwise, employees might need to move on to the next company that provides options for first, second, and third shifts to accommodate factors like family responsibilities.

In the long run, this scheduling strategy can help you retain hardworking, talented warehouse workers who need short- or long-term flexibility.

Partner with a Staffing Agency to Hire Warehouse Workers

The high demand for workers in the warehouse industry adds complexity to the recruitment process, which could cause unnecessary stress to your organization if you leave shifts unfilled for too long. Partnering with a staffing agency will instantly help extend your search to find and hire the most qualified and dedicated warehouse workers in your area before your competitors do.

At Talroo, we understand how important it is to get the workers you need to fulfill your customers’ expectations in the fast-paced e-commerce world. Learn more about our solutions for fulfillment and distribution, so we can start finding ready-to-work candidates for your organization as quickly as possible.