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How to Hire Warehouse Managers 

Warehouse managers are critical to the success of your organization. They oversee employees, ensure inventory levels are where they should be, and work to meet facility productivity goals. 

A warehouse manager is a cross between a people manager and a logistics manager. They need to be capable of working with a variety of personalities and must handle the details of warehouse workflows. 

Because warehouse managers require a specialized set of qualifications, finding and hiring candidates for this role is a complex process. The goal is not simply to find an employee willing to take the job but to find a warehouse manager who will help improve operations and increase productivity. 

In this guide, we’ll look at how to hire warehouse managers and why using the right technology can streamline the process to become more efficient and effective. You will not only be able to hire faster and at a larger scale, but you will also wind up with employees that last. 

Create a Meaningful Job Ad 

To attract the right talent, you must create a compelling job ad. This is the first chance you have to make a positive impression and attract top talent. Your ad should contain the following critical details: 

  • A company description: First, you should let a potential candidate know a little about your organization. Doing so helps ensure that the candidates who apply align with your company’s values and culture. Be sure to include any crucial details about your mission and any important notes about the company environment. 
  • A description of the role: Not all warehouse manager roles are identical. Be sure to outline how your warehouse operates, what you expect your warehouse manager to handle daily, and any overarching themes to the position. 
  • Candidate requirements/preferences: Use this section to highlight any experience, education, or skill requirements for the role. Be sure to specify what is necessary and what is preferred. 
  • Compensation: Finally, ensure that your job ad includes a description of the expected pay range for the role and what additional benefits your company offers. This includes everything from health care benefits to PTO policies. 

Utilize Programmatic Job Advertising 

If you’re hiring one warehouse manager or dozens at once, it is essential to ensure that you are targeting the right pool of applicants. Too often, recruiting and HR representatives rely on manually posting to job listing sites. 

Instead, you can quickly surface your job ads to the ideal audience segment through programmatic job advertising. Programmatic job advertising works similarly to how Facebook and Google ad networks do. Using the right targeted campaign and data, you can reach fresh job seekers actively looking for warehouse management work and have a higher match rate for your specific role. 

Host a Hiring Event 

A hiring event can be an effective tool for reaching potential warehouse manager candidates. These events allow you to target a specific pool of candidates and host an event where you can promote your role and reach more applicants in a shorter timeframe. This is particularly beneficial when you are hiring on a large scale. 

For example, with a tool such as Talroo, you can use targeted marketing to drive the right people to your virtual or in-person hiring event. Automated tools like this build a candidate pipeline and market to those people directly. 

Look for Key Skills and Characteristics 

Once you target the right candidates, take the time to sift through applicants seeking the ideal skills and characteristics for the role. These can be broken down into two categories: hard and soft skills. 

Hard Skills 

Usually, warehouse managers should have a bachelor’s degree in logistics, business administration, or supply chain management. Sometimes, you might consider accepting equivalent experience in these fields instead of a degree. 

From here, you will want to seek out candidates with demonstrated experience in warehouse management. That includes previous work as a warehouse manager or experience that will translate to your role. 

Additionally, you’ll want to pay attention to what inventory management systems a candidate is proficient in and hone in on the software requirements that best fit your warehouse operations. 

Soft Skills 

Beyond these hard skills, you’ll seek a candidate with the right qualifications to lead a team well. Soft skills are the personality traits and qualities that make a candidate a good fit for the job. In the case of warehouse managers, you’ll want to look for candidates that demonstrate strong interpersonal and communication skills. You should screen for applicants that can demonstrate strong decision-making skills and have the ability to reason through common logistical issues analytically. Finally, you’ll want to look for patient and emotionally aware candidates, as warehouse management often involves high stress levels and requires calmness throughout challenging scenarios. 

Give Talroo a Try! 

If you are looking to hire warehouse managers, give Talroo a try. This effective hiring tool will help you find targeted audiences quickly and at scale. This allows you to find the right candidates for any role with less effort and less spend. Request a free demo today