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How to Find CDL Drivers for Hire 

The supply chain, shipping, and logistics industries need drivers with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to deliver their goods now more than ever before. If you are finding it challenging to recruit qualified driving candidates, it’s likely because of such high demand. 

CDL drivers are crucial to so many businesses that require this special license. Here are a few of the many functions this professional can serve with this license: 

  • Work as a long-haul truck driver, transporting goods across the country. 
  • Drive parcel delivery trucks locally for companies like Amazon, UPS, and FedEx. 
  • Operate a moving company truck. 
  • Transport hotel, airport, or corporate customers back and forth between destinations via shuttle service. 
  • Haul hazardous materials from an initial site to a safe disposal site. 
  • Drive tour buses at amusement parks and for various city landmark tours. 
  • Deliver vehicles purchased online to their new owners. 
  • Operate a school or public transportation bus. 

How to Find CDL Drivers for Hire 

This growing industry is constantly in need of professional drivers, but the most frequent challenge is how to find and hire them. 

We have come up with several ways you can find CDL drivers who can conduct the tasks you need safely and timely. 

1. Write a Job Post and Description Intended for Your Ideal CDL Driver 

It’s important to remember that writing a job post and description is the first introduction of your company to prospective new drivers. Start the process by ensuring you write a professional, grammatically correct, and properly spelled post. Just like you might be distracted by a glaring misspelling on an application, a potential applicant might do the same. 

Here are some things to remember when writing your job post and description: 

  • Give detailed requirements for the position, such as their years of driving and a clean driving record. 
  • Add a list of desired qualifications, such as experience transporting hazardous materials. 
  • Include the position’s salary and any additional compensation and benefits they might find attractive. 
  • Let potential applicants know why your company is a good choice for them, such as flexible scheduling, meal per diems, and your mission statement and company culture. 

2. Get the Word Out — Advertise the Available Driving Position 

Once you have crafted a thorough job description, post it everywhere—on job boards, social media websites, your company website, and classified ads. 

Here are some additional ideas on ensuring as many CDL drivers see your job post as possible: 

  • Post it on trucking forums. 
  • Use the Facebook job posting tool or the professional LinkedIn social media platform. 
  • Submit it to recruiting sites like Talroo

3. Develop an Employee Referral Program with Rewards 

Your existing employees are an excellent resource for finding more people as you need them. The chances are they have formed friendships with other professionals in their field, or they might know a friend who needs a job and only needs to dust off or pursue obtaining a CDL to become your ideal candidate. Most importantly, invest in rewarding them with cash bonuses, paid leave time, or flexible scheduling options. 

Inform your employees about any available positions and the hiring criteria, such as the salary, shift, route and amount of highway driving, and perks. 

4. Provide Training for Candidates 

If your business is in an area with no available applicants, advertise your willingness to provide training for drivers. Sometimes new CDL graduates lack experience and real-world training, but they can quickly become your ideal candidate with the proper training. They will also be grateful for the opportunity to fine-tune their driving skills. 

Best of all, you can train them to drive the way you want them to, instilling the best habits and practices on the road. 

5. Offer an Easy and Convenient Interview Process 

You might need to hire someone far from your business operations in today’s market. Even 20-30 miles outside of town could be inconvenient for someone searching for a job and conducting multiple interviews. Set up a video conference interview to break the ice and get to know each other for the first round. Allow applicants to shine without the stress of coming to your office for the first interview. 

6. Rely on the Experience of a Recruiting Agency 

Going directly to a recruiting agency with a specialized team to help find the top CDL drivers is often the best strategy. At Talroo, we can help you find top professional driving candidates who will appreciate all your company offers. We’ll help you write your job description, broadcast the position, and more. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can find the best CDL drivers and other professionals you might need.