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Crafting Effective Hospitality Job Descriptions: A Guide for Employers

In the wake of the pandemic, the hospitality industry has faced an unprecedented shift in its workforce. As individuals reassessed their career choices, hospitality roles experienced high turnover, especially in public-facing sectors such as restaurants and food service. Despite the passage of almost three years since the pandemic began, there remains a notable gap in staffing. With two million hospitality and leisure positions unfilled, creating an attractive hospitality job description has never been more critical.

The challenge now lies in appealing to job seekers who are looking for roles that offer better compensation and work-life balance. As many have shifted to higher-paying jobs with more robust benefits, the task of writing compelling hospitality job descriptions to attract new talent has become a central strategy for employers in this industry.

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While there isn’t an easy fix to the candidate shortage, there are areas for improvement. One of them is to take a different approach to crafting job descriptions that are tailored to the next wave of entry-level candidates seeking hourly roles, flexibility, and a positive work environment.

Best Practices for Hospitality Job Descriptions

Here are key strategies for developing hospitality job descriptions that can draw in the right candidates:

Welcome with Purpose:

Start your hospitality job descriptions with an inviting tone that highlights your establishment’s commitment to exceptional service. This sets the tone for a culture that values each team member’s contribution to overall guest satisfaction.

Be Transparent with Compensation:

A vital component of any hospitality job description is the compensation details. Prospective employees are looking for competitive pay, and mentioning the hourly rate can make your hospitality job descriptions stand out.

Specify the Schedule:

Clearly outlining the expected working hours, whether for part-time, full-time, or seasonal roles, provides transparency and aligns with the needs of those seeking flexibility, a crucial aspect of hospitality job descriptions.

Detail the Responsibilities:

A clear and detailed list of responsibilities informs candidates about the daily expectations of the role, illustrating how their efforts contribute to the success of the hospitality experience.

Paint the Environment:

A sense of the workplace environment helps candidates imagine themselves in the role. Whether it’s a fast-paced restaurant or a luxurious hotel, vivid hospitality job descriptions can help applicants feel a connection to your company.

Emphasize Growth and Benefits:

Opportunities for advancement and additional benefits can be a significant draw. Mentioning these in hospitality job descriptions signals to candidates that there’s a path forward with your organization.

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Include Real Testimonials:

Incorporating positive feedback from guests can provide authenticity to your hospitality job descriptions and showcase the impact of the role on guest experiences.

Mobile-Friendly Formatting:

Ensure the job description is easily readable on mobile devices, as many candidates in the hospitality industry may access job postings on the go. In 2020, a study by Appcast showed that 60.7% of job applications were completed on a mobile device compared to 39.3% on desktop. This means that the majority of job applicants are on a mobile device and if the process is not designed for ease of use and mobile responsiveness, they’ll abandon the application.

Call to Action:

A strong call to action in your hospitality job descriptions encourages prospective candidates to take the next step and apply, sealing their interest in the opportunity you present.

For a practical application, let’s look at an optimized job description:

Sample Hospitality Job Description for a Server

Job Title: Server
Location: [Restaurant Name], [City]
Hourly Pay Rate: $X.XX per hour plus tips
Employment Type: [Part-time/Full-time/Seasonal]

Job Overview:
At [Restaurant Name], we are seeking a dedicated Server to join our dynamic team. This role is fundamental in crafting an outstanding dining experience for our guests and is a cornerstone of our hospitality services.


  • Greeting guests with a friendly demeanor.
  • Knowledgeably presenting menu items and taking orders.
  • Efficiently processing orders and ensuring timely service.
  • Maintaining a clean and organized dining area.
  • Collaborating with team members to deliver a seamless dining experience.


  • Experience in a similar role is advantageous, but not required.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • A team player who thrives in a lively environment.
  • Flexibility to work various shifts, including nights and weekends.

What We Offer:

  • A competitive salary package and tip earnings.
  • A clear path for career growth and development.
  • A vibrant and supportive work culture.

How to Apply:
Are you ready to elevate your career in the hospitality industry? Send your resume and a personalized cover letter to [Email Address]. We’re excited to add new talent to our team through engaging hospitality job descriptions like this one, and we encourage individuals from all backgrounds to apply.

By emphasizing the guest experience and the valued role that each employee plays, these tailored hospitality job descriptions can help bridge the staffing gap and attract candidates who are enthusiastic about building a career in hospitality.