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Hiring Events for Higher Recruiting: Frequently Asked Questions 

Wondering how you can make hiring events work for you? 

We recently hosted a webinar with VP of Customer Success Barry Klein and Customer Success Advisor Letty Francis on hiring events and how to: 

  • Understand what makes a hiring event work 
  • Get examples from a successful events from a Talroo client 
  • Receive actionable tips for hosting your own event 

You can watch the on-demand webinar here and check out these FAQs to get the tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years! 

Do you have any tips for making my hiring event stand out?   

Consider positioning your event as an hour for open interviews multiple times a month. Ensure that you have hiring managers available for a set time to speak with potential hires and create a lead list. Have registrants sign up for specific hours so you have an idea of who will be attending and have their information for further communication. This will allow recruiters to reach out to leads without being tied up for a long span of time; plus, it places you in front of leads who singled out your job/company specifically. You’ll be dedicating yourself to truly interested candidates, leading to higher retention and a smoother, more straightforward hiring process. 

You mentioned pop-up events – can you describe more alternate uses for hiring events?  

An alternative use for hiring events is to use them as information sessions to elaborate on job expectations. The overarching idea is to collect a strong lead list and to shed light on a group of people who are interested in your job, gaining traction, and wanting to apply. When you create an information session, you weed out people with less interest and open doors to speak to those who are already knee deep in the process and passionate about your open roles. Hold multiple sessions a month on a regular cadence, allowing people to come to you and set up networks for your jobs.   

What is the most important thing to keep in mind when setting up your first hiring event?  

The day of the event is not the “end all, be all” – it’s mostly advertising. The main point of interest is getting your list of leads, building excitement, and walking the path to engagement. Any hire you make before, on, or after the day of the event is equally as valuable. Keep an eye on the big picture – position your event as not simply an event, but as further advertising for your positions. Don’t limit yourself to hiring just those who attended but reach out to those who registered or engaged with you along the way.  

What type of budget do you suggest to run an event / How does pricing work for hiring events?  

This question is hard to gauge as it is often on a case-by-case basis and situational. That said, a great rule of thumb is to start around $1K and build from there based on your needs. We want to maximize and utilize your budget to drive as many RSVPs as we can. While it’s dependent on the role and the market, regardless, your budget goes towards advertising. Keep in mind that too small of a budget can be as detrimental as too large of a budget if you’re misaligned on expectations. Unfortunately, recruiting isn’t simple math. It feeds off your community and available applicant pool, which is why Talroo consults with you to set realistic projections based upon your budget for the positions you need to fill. The goal is for us to work with you to find that sweet spot that drives a meaningful response.  

Where do your leads come from?  

What Talroo does is simple to understand on the surface, but HOW we do it is unique. We are not a traditional “.com” destination job board. Thus, Talroo’s unique power comes from our elaborate audience network built with partners that allow us to leverage profile-driven programmatic advertising to cast a much wider net across the internet. We aren’t limited by one site or a “.com”. Because why limit yourself to just one site or one job board when you can leverage the entire internet? Our AI uses our partners to go TO sites, post your jobs bids and cast a net for those interested in your exact position. Our partners of channels, job boards, email marketers, apps, etc. utilize technology to uncover applicants that cannot be found anywhere else. 

Since there isn’t cross posting to Indeed, can we run a Talroo event at the same time as an Indeed event to cover more candidates?  

Absolutely! We complement these job boards and ultimately, want you to find the right candidates. In fact, we have quite a few customers that use our events in tandem. 

How well does this work for a Home Health care agencies?  

Home Health Care is one of Talroo’s main verticals. It is broad enough to cast a wide net for care that is targeted, but not as specialized. For healthcare, we turn the internet into a “Help Wanted” sign to get your job where it otherwise might not be. Since healthcare can move into its own niche, Talroo advertises your hiring event as individual jobs throughout our network. Those who click on it will then be directed to your event sign-up to learn more for you to build a relationship with your candidates.  

When you work with Talroo, we do the heavy lifting so you can focus on hosting your online or physical event – and making hires. Get a demo and learn more about Talroo Events here.