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Create, Repurpose, Reuse: The Role of Content in Recruitment Marketing

Content marketing is a crucial component of recruitment marketing. Companies can use content marketing to showcase their brand and attract candidates through informative, persuasive content.

Even if you don’t have a dedicated marketing team, it’s important to plan content so it isn’t just valuable for job seekers. It should be able to be used in blog posts, videos, social media posts, candidate outreach emails, your career website, or any other channel your company uses to advertise itself.

This article will help you understand how to create and repurpose content so that it can be used for your social media posts and recruitment.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is simply publishing materials online that attract more customers and attention to your business. Content that can accomplish this includes blogs, videos, social media posts, white pages, infographics, or any other method of creating content that advertises your company.

The key concept here is that your content marketing must be tailored to represent your business and reach your target audience. This can be a big undertaking if you don’t have a content marketing team. Social media experts are pros at creating content that doesn’t just advertise your business but specifically exemplifies your ethos, connecting with potential customers.

Content marketing needs to reach out to your audience and strike a chord with them, making them want to click on your website and learn more.

Why not use your current advertising content to recruit new talent simultaneously?

How Does Content Help With Recruitment Marketing?

Just like content marketing for consumers garners more business, content marketing in recruitment garners more applicants. Optimizing your job advertisements and recruiting posts can play a big part in increasing your recruitment efforts.

If you create recruitment marketing content that catches a potential applicant’s attention, you can sate their curiosity by providing more info about the job that’s eye-catching and that pushes them to apply finally.

The old-school recruitment methods are tried and true, but candidates in the age of social media are looking for an eye-catching and personal connection with their potential employer. You may need more than bland recruitment techniques and posting simple posts on job boards for your business to recruit the talent you need.

A more reliable way to gain applicants is to post your recruitment marketing content on social media. Make sure your website is full of posts that show your company culture and philosophy. Most importantly, consistently create and update that content to keep your future employee’s attention.

You don’t even have to create new content‌ — ‌you can take your previous advertisement and branding efforts and reshape them to focus on recruitment efforts. Then, you can post both editions simultaneously‌, ‌ effectively marketing to customers and job applicants in one move.

How Do I Create Content That Can Simultaneously Recruit and Boost My Brand?

If you’re tech-savvy and already on social media, you’ve probably already come across another company’s recruitment content strategy.

You can reach your audience of potential hires by creating exciting and popular content that shows that your company is up-to-date with internet culture and in the zeitgeist.

Here are some examples of some content you may already have that you could create or repurpose to help you achieve your recruitment marketing goals:

  • Eye-catching and humorous Instagram stories and posts
  • Short TikToks that show office culture and atmosphere
  • Twitter #hashtag campaigns that ask your audience a question
  • Short video testimonials from current employees
  • Clickworthy articles that focus on a popular or discussion-worthy topic
  • Smooth infographics that are chock-full of information and pleasing to the eye

Using social media platforms that are relatable and popular, you can create content that boosts your outreach and grows your audience.

While creating an audience like this, you’re growing your brand while simultaneously recruiting. And, if you’re using pre-made branding content that you’ve reused to implement recruitment strategies, you’re saving money. This is the height of recruitment marketing.

Ensure you post consistently, create engaging and reachable content, and stay current with trending topics. You’ll quickly find your socials bustling with attention from consumers and applicants.