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Top 5 Things You Need to Know to Run a Successful Hiring Campaign

Imagine starting off your campaign on the best foot. You are funneling in candidates, and you are getting quality hires in a cost-effective manner. This is what the hiring process looks like when you are efficiently advertising your jobs and wording your postings.

But is this what it really looks like for you?  

Our Client Success team sees the same issues year after year when advertising jobs. Hiring managers are short on time, talent, and budget. They want candidates today, so they can start hiring and training tomorrow. However, with limited resources this can be a challenge. So how do you fulfill all your hiring needs and specifically target individuals that can fill these desperately needed open positions?  

The answer is volume.   

A high volume of traffic is crucial.  In this ultra-competitive time, employers are competing for the same small talent pool, making it a challenge to fulfill open positions. And it’s not going to get any easier. Whether you’re targeting new job applicants or returning employees, the same principles hold true: volume is everything.  

Here are 5 things that you can do today to successfully run your seasonal hiring campaign (and get those sweet, sweet applicants):

1. Capitalize on Your Brand Name.
If you’re advertising with a large, recognizable brand name, it can help drive traffic to your job posting. If job applicants see a job they want to apply for from a company they already know, like, and trust, this can go a long way. For optimal success, we recommend adding your company name to your job title, and if possible, at the very front. Many people search for jobs by first searching large companies they are familiar with. Leverage this by including your brand in your posting to guarantee that your seasonal position shows up when someone searches your company name.

2. Include Benefits
Benefits are a powerful tool to include in your posting. Whether you have a known brand name or not, people care about what they will receive if they work for your company. Include things like hourly pay, seasonal bonuses, flexible schedules, hours guaranteed per week, company culture, if food and drink are provided, etc. No matter what you offer, make your job stand out by mentioning those incentives.

3. Set a Competitive Cost-Per-Click Bid
When recruiting for the holiday season, you will be competing for the same candidates as a lot of other companies. With everyone looking for the same talent, setting an aggressive CPC can ensure your job posting appears on the first search page and reaches the right audience. It is important to remember that a CPC in Austin, TX may be completely different from one in Denver, CO, or New York, NY. This is why it is essential to reach out to your Client Success Team for assistance here — they live and breathe this stuff.

4. Simplify Your Application Process
The easier and faster you make the application process, the more job applicants you will have to sort through. Again, volume is key to a successful hiring campaign. It can be tempting to provide more hurdles to ensure you’re getting the highest quality candidates, but in this high-traffic scenario, more hurdles do not equal better candidates (it just means less).

5. Write a Clear, Concise Job Description
Conveying a simple and clear message in your job description is key. What makes your job different than the others? And what are the top things you need the applicant to know before applying?

By making all necessary information easily available for candidates, they can pre-qualify themselves, saving you time. You can focus on candidates that are truly interested in your company and positions.

And as always, don’t be afraid to reach out to your representative at your hiring solution for help. At Talroo, we have a Client Success Team filled with job advertising experts eager to help clients successfully run campaign this holiday season. No matter your talent acquisition software, someone is there willing to help.