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Logistics & Fulfillment Hiring Playbook for Successful Supply Chain Hiring

Talroo, an award-winning job and hiring event advertising platform, has launched a comprehensive new eBook detailing best practices for logistics & fulfillment hiring in a post-pandemic landscape. The Logistics & Fulfillment Hiring Playbook details the state of hiring for the industry today and recommends top tools, checklists, and optimization tactics to use throughout recruiting. From growth opportunities and challenges recruiters in the industry will face, to top markets and job titles searched, to what recruitment metrics to track, the playbook covers every piece of the supply chain recruiting process.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, logistics and fulfillment has played an outsized role in keeping the economy going. According to IBM’s U.S. Retail Index data, the pandemic accelerated the shift from physical stores to online shopping by roughly five years, a change that increased the demand for supply chain professionals nationwide. The industry has continued to grow substantially in 2021 – even now that the economy has largely recovered, consumer reliance on ecommerce has not diminished. And yet, many recruiters are still struggling to hire.

Though not as dire as the severely understaffed service industry, logistics & fulfillment recruiters have their own struggles, among them, lack of qualified candidates, keeping up with safety standards, and competing with other companies and industries for talent. Talroo’s new playbook discusses the impact of Covid on the industry and explains everything companies need to know to hire supply chain workers at scale.

“Throughout the last year and a half, we’ve gone through a major labor reallocation,” said Talroo CEO Thad Price. “As restaurants closed and brick and mortar retailers struggled, it was the manufacturers and delivery drivers that kept much of the economy going. Our goal is to share best practices to support the logistics & fulfillment recruiters hiring at a high volume right now and help them find the talent they’re looking for.”

To learn more about the effects of Covid on the recovering economy, how Talroo can help companies hire for fulfillment & distribution and transportation & logistics, or how Insights data can help you plan your 2021 hiring strategy, email us at