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Talroo Events Launched to Drive In-Person Hiring Event Attendance

Talroo, an award-winning talent attraction platform, has launched a new Events product in response to demand from both large employers and recruitment ad agencies to drive more efficiency from scheduled hiring events, open houses, and career fairs. Events leverages the latest technology to automate messaging to candidates – all while providing candidate volume at a competitive cost-per-registrant. After successful beta campaigns, the product is now available for all customers. Events is ideal for high-volume, high-turnover industries like warehouse, retail, customer service, and healthcare.

“We’re excited to be addressing this need in the talent marketplace. Despite advances in technology that have made recruiting more efficient, hiring really comes down to a one-on-one connection between the job seeker and the employer – the human element. Now we can help companies attract new candidates to their events, while automating the candidate engagement process to make the right hires on the spot,” said Talroo CEO Thad Price.

Events leverages Talroo’s unique audience networks to find the quality and volume of job seekers recruiters need to host a successful event. Customers who work with Talroo get a branded, mobile-optimized landing page. Then, Talroo promotes the event and gets the RSVPs that fuel a successful event. Once job seekers respond, they get email and text message reminders, plus Google map directions to help convert RSVPs to valuable in-person attendees. Recruiters can see the RSVP list growing in real-time, and Talroo makes it easy for candidates to finish applications in recruiters’ own ATS – no manual work or duplication of data required. Every customer gets a dedicated client success analyst throughout their campaign, so virtually no effort is required on the part of the recruiter – Talroo does it all. Events is a pay-for-performance model, so customers only pay for the RSVPs they receive.

To learn how Events can help drive your hiring.