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Talroo Delivers Unique Candidates to Staffing Firms

Despite some recent changes in the job advertising ecosystem that greatly impact the staffing industry, Talroo is, as always, a committed partner to staffing firms. We’re not interested in direct competition with staffing – we’re dedicated to supporting staffing firms and helping them reach their hiring goals. We appreciate the business that our staffing clients have given us over the years, and we’re proud to continue offering them the best of service. Including…

Unique Talent

Talroo offers staffing firms the opportunity to reach unique audiences that they aren’t getting through any other provider. After all, they are getting paid by employers to find the candidates that employers aren’t finding on their own. Posting on large, traditional job sites will have diminishing returns if the employers are already seeing the same people from their own efforts. Because Talroo collects candidate supply from every relevant nook and cranny of the internet, we unlock a candidate source that staffing firms won’t find anywhere else.

Warm Leads

And the best part about the candidates Talroo delivers? They’re looking for your jobs specifically. They’re not stale candidates from resumes databases, who may have forgotten where or why they posted their resume. They’re unique, active candidates looking for a certain type of job – and looking right now. This gives staffing firms a much better chance of engaging with job seekers who will convert to hires.


When you use Talroo, we turn up what works, and turn down what doesn’t. We get signals from your career site or CRM, and we use what those signals tell us to optimize your campaigns. Our data provides a continuous feedback loop, so your budget is spent on the sources that convert. You only pay for what you get. We sync directly to your career site and drive candidates directly to you, so your recruiters never have to post jobs manually.

Client Service

We show our clients how much we value their business by providing dedicated customer support through a campaign. Talroo’s Client Success Analysts are subject matter experts, providing tips and tricks for getting more conversions, based on data. They will work with you on setting locations, optimizing job titles and descriptions, and providing feedback on best practices to reduce your cost-per-application and cost-per-hire.

Get started!

To learn more about how we help staffing firms reach their hiring goals, click the image below and tell us a little bit about yourself. One of our friendly and knowledgeable Talroo reps will be in touch soon.