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Complete Hiring Events Playbook for Online and In-person Recruiting

Talroo has launched a comprehensive new eBook covering hiring event best practices. Large-scale events were put on pause by most companies in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but with positive vaccine news on the horizon and the rise of online event-hosting options, 2021 will be a big year for companies to revamp their hiring events strategy. The Complete Hiring Events Playbook explains everything companies need to know to hire at scale – in person or online.

“The job market is in a period of major recovery with more job postings and job seeker searches happening now than in most points of last year,” said Talroo CEO Thad Price. “Yet, recruiters are still struggling to get the qualified candidates they are looking for, especially if they have a lot of open positions to fill. Hiring events are a huge recruitment marketing opportunity that companies can and should leverage to quickly scale hiring as consumer demand continues to increase.”

The Complete Hiring Events Playbook covers different types of recruitment events, the fundamentals of event planning and promotion, and recommended tools and metrics to use throughout the process. From initial questions recruiters should ask before planning an event, to advanced targeting and advertising tools, to engaging follow-up for attendees and no-shows post-event, the Playbook covers every piece of the recruitment event process.

For organizations looking to make a high volume of hires with a large in-person event when they’re safe to host again, or those wanting to get an online event on the calendar now to attract candidates in any location, the Complete Hiring Events Playbook is the step-by-step guide for putting together successful events.

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