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Talroo and Brazen Partner to Combine Talent Attraction and Engagement Solutions

Talroo just announced an enhanced strategic partnership with Brazen, the leading conversational recruiting platform. We’re excited to leverage the expertise of both companies to improve the likelihood that recruiters will find and start high-value conversations with qualified talent. In fact, our data shows that hire rates increase by 50-150% when recruiters engage with candidates before the ATS. We thought that was a pretty good reason to work together.

So why are Talroo and Brazen such a great fit for a partnership? Brazen provides recruiters with a variety of chat-based recruiting tools like live chat, recruiting chatbots, scheduled chat, and virtual hiring events – all aimed at giving job seekers more ways to start conversations with employers. And Talroo is data-driven talent attraction platform that helps recruiters and talent acquisition professionals reach the right talent audiences they need to make hires. We thought those two capabilities would make an amazing experience for recruiters when joined together. We’ve created a frictionless candidate experience, surfacing relevant jobs to qualified candidates, then enabling candidates to have conversations directly with recruiters before submitting an application.

Example job applicant chat conversation.

Talroo’s Attract Engine™ technology powers over one billion candidate searches per month, matching employers with the right talent. Candidate search and conversation signals are processed in Talroo’s Attract Engine™ to ensure an employer’s programmatic job advertising budget is invested wisely to optimize quality candidate flow. Talroo is also beta testing an event product that will support and promote customers’ hiring events in physical locations, adding to Brazen’s conversation-oriented platform. From uncovering new candidates, to the first chat, to an in-person meeting, Brazen and Talroo together offer a full AI-driven talent attraction solution. Both companies will sell the combined solution to their respective customers.

“Our goal is to be the most effective catalyst in the sourcing and hiring process. Reducing friction in the job discovery process enhances the candidate experience and allows recruiters to reach qualified candidates faster. This is more important than ever in a tight labor market,” said Thad Price, CEO of Talroo. “We are thrilled to deepen our partnership with Brazen and spark more conversations before the application process. After all, all hires start with a conversation.”

For the past two years, Talroo and Brazen have been working closely with large Fortune 1000 employers to design new candidate experiences and journeys that begin at the point of first contact with an employers’ job listing. Combining talent attraction with candidate engagement creates a seamless feedback loop that generates large amounts of valuable data. Data, when combined with AI-driven algorithms, can continuously improve the quality of candidate matches, lower the cost per lead, and ultimately reduce cost per hire.

Ed Barrientos, CEO of Brazen, added, “Brazen pioneered the use of text-based chat and virtual career fairs to help employers engage talent and has continued to innovate with AI and chatbot technology. Combining our best-of-class conversational recruiting platform with Talroo’s more than one billion candidate searches every month allows both companies to craft powerful, integrated solutions for employers. We are excited to strengthen our relationship with Talroo.”

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