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Talroo and BountyJobs Announce New Strategic Partnership

Talroo is excited to announce a strategic partnership with a leading provider of third-party recruiting platform, BountyJobs.

Talroo is a data-driven talent attraction technology designed to help recruiters and talent acquisition professionals get the volume and quality of applications they need to make hires. Through unique audience reach, custom niche networks, and industry-leading client service, Talroo enables companies to find their ideal candidates and reduce cost-per-hire. Talroo is excited to help BountyJobs get the right pricing and optimizations they need for their customers through per-job budgeting, advanced bid recommendations, and access to a client service team that is unparalleled.

This strategic relationship with Talroo is the latest in the fast-growing BountyJobs partner network, seeing 500% growth in 2018 and resulting in the largest partner network of any recruitment marketplace. This network connects innovative technology providers focused on improving the way companies recruit, attract, and retain talent. This mix of partners has been hand-selected to help support the key constituents of the 2-sided BountyJobs Marketplace: employers and recruiting agencies. The BountyJobs solution can be integrated within any ATS and values the relationships and expertise that partner agencies bring to the table.

“The technology created by Talroo leveraging data-driven job ads to deliver high-intent, targeted candidates to your specific role requirements cuts down on much of the standard recruiting noise,” said Jason Putnam, Senior Vice President, Sales and Business Development at BountyJobs. “Simplifying job advertising in order to attract unique audiences speaks to the exciting ways technology can be used to keep talent acquisition progressing, as BountyJobs continues to do as well.”

“We are excited about partnering with BountyJobs. Talroo believes in creating deep partnerships with technology providers to help make it easier for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals to reach unique audiences to drive hires,” said Thad Price, CEO of Talroo.

The new relationship, which marries data-driven hiring solutions and traditional talent acquisition, creates an innovative approach for employers when making critical hires.

About Talroo

Talroo is a data-driven talent attraction technology that reaches the candidates you need to make hires. With unique audiences you won’t find anywhere else, plus expert client service throughout your campaign, Talroo helps you save time, spend wisely, and hire better. Learn more at

About BountyJobs

Sometimes sourcing talent for business-critical positions requires a little help. Our web-based platform features a marketplace of over 10,000 highly-qualified agencies and a performance-based matching algorithm that helps hiring teams of all sizes find and engage the recruiters for each of their roles. All this inside our simple yet effective platform designed to keep you in control of the entire recruitment process. Help makes hiring happier. Learn more at