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Programmatic Job Advertising = Efficiency

Talent acquisition professionals have seen an incredible move to performance-based advertising to help attract the talent needed to grow their business.  Today’s definition of “programmatic job advertising” really means efficient marketing automation.  I say “today’s definition” because tomorrow’s definition is quite different and that’s a topic for another time.   Marketing automation tools have been used for years to help marketers find where to buy ads to attract the right leads.  By right leads, I mean leads that will turn into customers.   Sound similar?

The first march toward marketing automation relates to the all-powerful job ad.   Yes, a job ad is some form of an “ad”.  It may not be as glamorous as a traditional ad, but it’s still an ad.  Even though human capital is very different than selling cars or shoes, ads have goals.  And more importantly, like all ads, employers want something in return when spending the green.

This leads to the idea of efficiency.  That is, only spend where and when an employer should – anything else would be wasteful.  Drive the top of funnel candidates needed to make their next hire.  Set goals, and go.

This is why we believe in programmatic.  The all-powerful job ad lives, but employers should only spend where it makes sense.  Software should do the work.

Below is a recording of a panel webinar hosted by Recruiting Daily and Talroo. Check the 31:45 mark for a great description of programmatic and how Talroo can help.