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Making the Case for Visual Job Postings

If I had my way, every job listing that exists today on job boards or company career sites would have at least one image on it. Imagine if every posting you clicked on showed that job in action or at the very least had some sort of interesting visual element to draw in the applicant.

Too many of today’s job descriptions rely only on text to sell the opportunity. But with a tightening job market, that boring copy is going to hurt your chances of attracting talent.

Your job is to sell the job, so it’s time to start thinking like a marketer and add at least one visual element to your postings. Start to think of them less as a job posting and more of a job ‘landing page’.

Marketers use landing pages all the time to capture leads, and it is applicable to recruiters too. A lead to you means a submitted resume. Visuals on the job ad will make it more engaging and get your candidates to read the rest of the description.

Let’s take a look at some examples. On the CVS career site they do a great job of incorporating their job visuals throughout their career portal. This one is for a Pharmacy Technician.


But it doesn’t always have to be a real person. Check out this one from a coffee shop I found on Instagram. Its cute, effective and to the point.

Visual Job postings

Adding images to your jobs brings them to life and speaks to the next generation of job seekers who grew up in a visual world. It only makes sense that job postings evolve to match their behaviors. Not sure where to start? Fortunately, there is help. Image apps like these for your Smartphone make it easy.

And we are starting to see visual job services pop up like Vizirecruiter and from TMP. Each of these services transforms your jobs into eye catching designs that go way beyond the text-only job description.

In the case of Vizirecruiter, their service sits on top of your ATS and creates an “interactive” visual job description. You get a summary of the job and the applicants can click the tabs below to learn more.

Visual job postings