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Hiring Event Follow-Up That Engages No-Shows

Your no-show segment should be treated differently than the attendees after a successful hiring event. Candidates that registered and showed up have made it through the awareness and consideration stage of your hiring funnel and into consideration and intent (applying for your open jobs). Your no-shows remain at the awareness and consideration stage – moving them further into your hiring funnel requires engagement and relationship- building. They’re interested in you because they registered, so they’re not a “cold” segment.

The key with no-shows is to continue to build relationships with them by adding them to your talent community. This means creating a content and resource strategy to keep your employer brand relevant to them as potential talent for your future open positions. They are leads, and nurture campaigns are perfect for them.

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Just as with your event attendees, you’ll want to have content prepared for emails to send out to no-shows immediately following your hiring event. Because you used a landing page for registration and a check in process at your event, you have the email addresses you need to segment your no-shows at the ready.

Thank them for registering, personalize the email with their name, and tell them you’re sorry to have missed them at the event. It’s important to use passive wording here and not something that could sound accusatory (“sorry you missed our event”). Include an easy contact method (email reply is great) so they can reach out to your recruiters, as well as a link to your career site with an FAQ that addresses any questions or concerns they might see as an obstacle to considering your company for a job, regardless of their reason for not showing up. This is an area where video could be useful.

Here is an example no-show email:

Example email

Once you’ve started your email nurture campaign, you’ll further segment your no-show list by those who replied to your first email and those who didn’t. The candidates who respond can then be moved to a specific recruiter to personally answer questions or offer resources. Those who didn’t reply will remain in your nurture campaign to receive future emails. These emails can include invitations to your next hiring event, a longer video with an office tour or a message from a hiring manager, a rundown of your company culture and why it’s so great, and resources like industry-specific articles or invites to your Facebook group.

A nurture campaign for no-shows is scalable and repeatable, which is the point of hosting a hiring event: moving a large number of new candidates into your hiring funnel.

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