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Talroo to Offer Free Marketing Automation to Healthcare Companies Interviewing and Hiring Online

At a time when the hiring landscape is changing quickly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Talroo is offering free marketing automation to healthcare companies to boost interest and attendance in online interviews and events. As some sectors of the economy inevitably pause hiring based on the Coronavirus outbreak, other sectors like healthcare, logistics, delivery, and more are ramping up to meet demand. With much of the country’s workforce adjusting to working from home and now being reliant on online communication tools, the hiring process is also moving online. Talroo aims to use its automated communication module from its Talroo Events product to support the healthcare market’s most time-sensitive and vital hires.

With the recent urgency to move to hosting virtual events and online interviewing, more companies are relying on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and other tools to get a face-to-face connection with candidates. Other companies have been using platforms like Brazen, HireVue, or ModernHire for online interviewing and hiring already. No matter what software recruiters are using, Talroo can make that investment more worthwhile by boosting attendance to those online events – whether they are webinars, video interviews, or open office hours. Talroo automates regular email and text communication with candidates, so recruiters don’t have to spend time manually contacting people and reminding them of their events. There is also a free sharing function that enables employers to push to their social networks at no extra cost.

Reach critical hires with Talroo! Connect with us now to learn more.

If healthcare companies need more candidates to interview, Talroo can also help – more than 64 million healthcare job searches happen each month on Talroo’s network.

“We’re in uncharted waters with how COVID-19 will affect hiring in the long term. Short term, however, it’s clear that vital services still need to be provided, and some companies, especially in healthcare, will need to move to scalable on-demand methods to improve hiring efficiency. Talroo intends to support our partners in any way possible over the weeks and months to come,” said CEO Thad Price.

If you’re interviewing online or hosting online events, and you need more healthcare candidates, connect with us to get started.

About Talroo Events

Talroo Events is a full-service product that attracts candidates to physical or online hiring events. Ideal for both large employers and recruitment ad agencies, Events finds the right job seekers, automates messaging to candidates, and finds the right people to attend online events, virtual interviews, open office hours, and in-person hiring events – all while providing candidate volume at a competitive cost-per-registrant. Events is ideal for high-volume, high-turnover industries like warehouse, retail, customer service, and healthcare.

About Talroo 

Talroo is a data-driven job advertising solution that helps businesses reach the candidates they need to make hires. Through AI, unique talent audiences, and a pay-for-performance model, Talroo enables companies to find their ideal candidates and reduce cost-per-hire. Talroo has earned a spot on the Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest-growing companies for six consecutive years. To learn how Talroo can help your organization hire better, visit