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Drive Online Hiring Event Attendance with Talroo Events

With COVID-19 stopping much of the world in its tracks, the hiring landscape has changed for the foreseeable future. Some industries are paused, while others are ramping up – all while following social distancing protocols. As a large percentage of the US workforce adjusts to working remotely, recruiters are adapting to the new need to use online hiring tools to meet their goals. Furthermore, job candidates are stuck at home and in need of work, so the talent pool is engaged and available. Lots of larger companies have been using online event strategies for awhile, but if you’re new to this due to COVID-19, we’ll start at the beginning.

What is an online recruiting event or a virtual career fair?

The names may vary, but the goal is the same: an event that takes place at a specific time on a specific online platform, with the ability to reach a large number of people at once. Unlike video interviewing, which is in a one-to-one format, online hiring events are about communicating your company’s message in a way that reaches the largest number of potential candidates, but still feels personal and informative.

What technology do I need to run an online event?

The Communication Platform

There are platforms on the market for this purpose specifically, but there is also software for this built into solutions you may already be using. These include:

… and more.


You’ll also need an ATS or a CRM to collect applications. Some ATSs also provide videoconference features, so if you’re not using any of the above software providers, check with your ATS to see what they can do.

The Audience

Now you have a platform, and a place for the resumes to go. But something BIG is still missing. Where do the candidates come from? None of the above solutions can bring you candidates. Just like in-person events, it takes a lot of effort to build an audience. You can promote your online hiring event on social media and on your company’s careers site, but if you need to hire for volume, you’re going to need a candidate source. That’s where Talroo Online Events comes in.

Talroo is a data-driven job advertising solution that helps companies reach the candidates they need to make hires. With more than 1 billion monthly searches, Talroo uses AI to find unique talent audiences – candidates you’re currently missing. Talroo Online Events is a sourcing solution that applies that ability to reach engaged candidates specifically for virtual recruitment needs.

Talroo Events

How does it work?

When you work with Talroo, we set up your event advertising to reach our talent pool of unique candidates that you’re currently missing. When a candidate RSVPs, they get notified via email and text in the days leading up to the online event. You can see who is responding in real time – and you can see each candidate’s full contact information.

3 step process showing how events work in the app

What comes with Talroo Online Events?

When you work with Talroo, you’ll get:

  • A free branded, mobile-optimized landing page to share for free in your own networks – and you don’t pay for the RSVPs that come from that link
  • Access to Talroo’s unique and engaged talent pool, making more than 1 billion job searches monthly
  • Automated email and text reminders to candidates 3 days and 1 day before the event
  • No extra software to buy – we work with what you already use
  • Pay only for the RSVPs you receive – no wasted spend

While the current job market changes are unprecedented, companies still need to hire to keep essential services flowing – not to mention keep their pipelines full when times change. Talroo can help get the candidates you need.

For more detailed best practices on how to host a successful virtual event, check out Jessica Miller-Merrell’s recent blog post.

If you’re hiring for healthcare roles, Talroo is offering free marketing automation to help boost the attendance to your online events.