Job Search Platform
Tailored for Your Industry

Talroo’s real-time optimized platform can help you create a great search experience, customized for your audience.

Engage users beyond
simple job searches

Improve user engagement by adding a job search channel to your sites and marketing campaigns. Enhance your existing job search platform using our AI-optimized search API.

Include our content alongside your own
Build new features into existing marketing campaigns
Engage users via email content and features
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AI-optimized job search
and matching technology

Talroo optimizes content based on relevancy to user searches as well as your monetization goals. Achieve wide content coverage across an industry, or drill down into specific niches.

  • Optimize your content for competitive payouts

  • Enhanced search results, even when user queries are vague

  • Personalized content based on a user’s search history

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Flexible job search tools
for any site or platform

Talroo makes many different ad forms available. We have solutions from plugins for Wordpress sites to advanced APIs for dedicated job search platforms.

  • API

  • Widgets

  • Email integration

  • XML feeds

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Create a great search experience
for your audience

Use our optimized job search technology
to enhance your site or app.

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