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Advanced Developer Tools to Optimize Job Boards

Enhance your content and add new job search features with our developer tools. Unlock new revenue streams with your job board or career community.
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Create new revenue streams and improve jobseeker margin

Create new revenue streams and improve jobseeker margin

Diversifying the way you monetize your job board is critical to surviving a changing economy. Talroo offers premium technology integrations to enhance your product offerings while improving your bottom line.
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Assistance to optimize earnings
  • Real-time reporting

Gain access to a variety of job
content types and product features

Optimizing the content you provide to users can help grow revenue and membership.
Talroo gives you access to a wider variety of employers and product features to engage your users.

Optimized search

We’ve optimized job search so you don’t have to. Take advantage of our enhancements.

Search options

Local opportunities

Improve ability for your users to discover new job opportunities in their area.

Localization features

Personalized recommendations

Satisfy jobseekers with relevant results personalized to their search behavior.

Personalization features

Job board alerts

Amplify engagement and repeat visits with a variety of notification methods.

Job alert options

Tools to create a great job board experience

Talroo offers a wide variety of tools to help integrate our job advertising platform with your website. Our integration options can be customized to help your users gain access to millions of jobs relevant to your niche.
  • API
  • XML feed
  • JavaScript widget
  • WordPress plugin

Engineer a great experience for your users

Use our developer tools and job search technology to enhance your job board experience.
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