Flexible Job Alerts
to Integrate Anywhere

Whether you have a website, app, or simply need to enhance your marketing campaigns, Talroo’s job notifications can integrate seamlessly.

Keep users up to
date via email

Send automatic email notifications to your audience. Engage users directly in their inbox to monetize job clicks.

Use as a stand-alone solution
Integrate with existing email campaigns
Send automated reminders
Job search and apply example on cell phone screen.

Reach users on the go
via text message

Add a new channel to your job advertising campaigns and engage users by text message. Improve existing SMS marketing by adding local job notifications. Keep users up to date about trending opportunities to keep them engaged.

Male marketer smiling in front of cell phone.

Push notifications to
engage users in real time

Create an immersive experience with your marketing assets and keep users up-to-date with exciting, new opportunities

  • Real-time notifications

  • Compatible across devices and browsers

  • Keep users aware of trending, local opportunities

Job seeker chat example on cell phone screen.

Enhance your marketing campaigns
with job alerts

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Engage your users, wherever they are.

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