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Creating blog content that earns money is a challenge. Our publisher program can help you create exciting, new ways to engage users.

Earn more with your blog.
Help users discover jobs.

Your users have many niche interests, but everyone is a jobseeker at some point. We can help your audience discover relevant, niche-specific opportunities they care about most.

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Keep your blog engaging
by adding job content

Improving blog interaction and keeping your audience satisfied is an ongoing challenge.
Keep your content pipeline interesting and help your users discover relevant jobs they care about.
No matter your niche, our personalized search features can enhance any blog, including:

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Arts & crafts

And many more...

Easily advertise jobs on
your blog with our tools

Whether you have a small Wordpress blog, static site, or custom-built blog, Talroo has many solutions to help you advertise jobs. Choose an integration and start earning quickly.

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Engage your users and
earn more
with your blog

Help your audience discover new job opportunities
they care about and improve revenue.

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