Integrate Job Content
in News Sites & Apps

Let our optimized job search platform take the guesswork out of expanding your content offerings to include jobs.

Add a job search channel.
Diversify revenue streams.

Talroo offers multiple solutions for integrating and monetizing job content within complex websites or applications.

Real-time reporting
Dedicated account manager
Assistance to optimize earnings
Example publisher earnings report on cell phone screen.

Add new content features.
Improve platform engagement.

Keeping users engaged within news sites and applications is a challenge.
You have limited time to capture and convert users. Talroo’s job search solutions enable you to add
new job content features to your site or app so you can keep users engaged in profitable ways.

Job alert icon.

Job alerts

Re-engage users via job notifications
that integrate with your platform.

Recommended jobs icon.

Recommended jobs

Serve personalized job recommendations within
news content, article feeds, or other app components.

Advanced tools to add
job content to any platform

Complex sites and apps require flexible integrations.
Talroo offers many solutions to help integrate
new job features and content for your platform.

  • Optimized search API

  • XML feeds

  • Job alerts via email, SMS, and push notifications

Job alerts example on cell phone screen.

Engage your users and
earn more
with your site or app

Engage users with job opportunities and
alerts to grow your membership.

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