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Employee Retention

How Employee Development Can Help Create Your Future Workforce

According to a 2020 report by the World Economic Forum, the rapid acceleration of automation and economic uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will shift the division of labor between humans and machines. This means that as technology develops and evolves, the workforce will use more technology, creating more modern, tech-based jobs. The World Economic Forum … Continued

The Importance of Employee Training and Development in Warehouse Retention

After COVID-19, many companies still need help with warehouse labor limitations, which negatively affects production and ultimately leads to delivery delays. With a 49% turnover rate in the sector in 2022, businesses need help to attract and retain talent. If you’ve calculated your employee retention rate and realized you need to improve employee retention now, you might be in … Continued

5 Secrets From Project Managers That HR Leaders Can Use

With so many HR and recruiting leaders working with and managing remote or hybrid teams, having a project management mindset is essential. It is critical for meeting deadlines and helping with communication among those involved in the project. Project management is a great way to ensure your team moves forward while allowing ongoing collaboration.  What … Continued

How HR Can Support Employee Mental Health and Wellness

Many employers offer employee assistance programs (EAPs), which typically give employees immediate phone access to a counselor, a limited number of free sessions with a mental health care professional, and referrals to therapists. However, EAP utilization averages below 10 percent, according to multiple studies, consultants, and human resource professionals – likely due to the stigma … Continued

How Internal Mobility Can Help You Keep Your Top Performers

A new study by research firm Workplace Intelligence, conducted in partnership with Amazon, finds that almost three-quarters of Millennial and Gen Z workers plan to quit their jobs in 2023 due to a lack of skills-building opportunities. Employees surveyed are incredibly focused on remedying this situation: 89% said they’re “extremely” or “somewhat” motivated to improve their … Continued