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Job Advertising

Is Talroo programmatic?

Yes! We use audience targeting technology to help companies find the right talent,
at the right time, at the right price – so you can hire at scale and eliminate wasted budget.

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#1 Programmatic
talent network

1.8 billion monthly job searches from unique, active candidates
AI-driven real-time candidate-to-job matching technology
Your jobs receive targeted matches from high-intent job seekers
Pay-for-performance model means no wasted spend
Target the right application cost and volume goals
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Is Talroo a bidding tool?

Our technology includes bidding tools, but Talroo’s biggest value is that we're a gateway to access candidates that you can’t find anywhere else. Unlike third-party vendors that send your jobs to various job boards, we’re a first-party sourcing solution that uses consumer advertising technology, similar to Google and Facebook, to find unique, active candidates you won’t be getting with any other solution provider.

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Clearly defined budget and application goals
Direct relationship with high-intent candidates
Extended reach via massive talent network
Real-time optimization to maximize ROI
Talroo’s AI-powered matching algorithm
Detailed performance analytics through Talroo Insights™

30% lower CPA

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Branded Candidate

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= Programmatic Direct Sourcing

Working with us

Direct relationship
with Talroo

If you use a programmatic software platform to buy job advertising, you’re used to getting all the information you need in one place. But by only using this approach, you could be losing money AND candidates. When you work directly with Talroo, rather than through a 3rd party exchange, our AI-powered search-and-match technology can perform to its full potential, so you get the best candidates for the most effective price.

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Easy integration

Simple to use

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Candidate intent

3x the conversion rate
with high-intent candidates

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CPA goals

Target your Cost-per-Application

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