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Reduce Cost Per Applicant and Increase Hiring Conversion Rates With the Talroo Interview-Driven Job Ad Optimizer

Austin, TX., February 8, 2022 – Talroo is introducing job ad features that help companies reduce friction for both the recruiter and candidate by condensing the job seeker journey.

In the current environment, companies are struggling to attract the right candidates from a labor pool that is more selective and demanding than ever. As such, recruiters are looking for new ways to appeal to job seekers, beyond the increased incentives companies are now providing. Talroo is now offering enhanced job ads automatically, surfacing features like bonuses, healthcare, and flexibility in Talroo-powered job search results. Additionally, companies already using conversational AI platforms to help screen and schedule interviews at time of application will benefit from updated calls to action.

“By contextualizing job ads with key incentives, enhancing company profiles, and utilizing calls to action that are optimized for scheduling interviews, Talroo is improving the candidate experience and helping increase applicant conversions by closing the gap between the job ad and the interview,” said Thad Price, chief executive officer of Talroo. “With more recruiters using tools like chatbots to increase applicant conversions and decrease the time to hire, our interview-driven profile enhancements are helping to guide higher-quality candidates to the application stage.”

These AI and automation advancements help reduce job seeker anxiety and improve applicant to hire conversion rates.

“With our interview-driven job ads, we are establishing connections with job seekers that our recruiting partners are building upon as they provide elevated experiences using conversational AI technology,” says Price. “Currently, Talroo is successfully integrating with technology partners Paradox and XOR to implement this condensed job seeker journey. These enhanced job ads are helping to reduce cost and time to hire by filtering higher-quality candidates into the funnel.”

About Talroo

Talroo is a data-driven job and hiring event advertising platform that helps businesses reach the candidates they need to build their essential workforce. Through AI, unique talent audiences, and a pay-for-performance model, Talroo enables companies to find their ideal candidates and reduce cost-per-hire. Talroo has earned a spot on the Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest-growing companies for six consecutive years. To learn how Talroo can help your organization hire better, visit

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