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TransForce Partners with Talroo to Deliver Qualified Candidates at Controlled Cost

Talroo helped reach new audiences to deliver the right candidates TransForce needed to meet growth and budget goals.
At a Glance:
Industry: Recruiting
Clients: 400+

TransForce Digital Recruiting, a Division of TransForce Group, is a digital recruiting company that helps more than 400 customers hire commercial drivers.

While they were able to meet their staffing needs, it was becoming both expensive and time consuming to continue to find quality candidates.

They turned to Talroo to explore options to address their recruiting challenges with the goal of attracting the right candidates for their variety of clients, while also controlling costs.

The partnership has allowed them to not only meet their customer’s hiring goals, but do so in a way that’s customized to their needs and tailored to their industry.

Hand-in-Hand Customer Service

The total recruiting budget for their team across all their channels and sources is very large. They were always willing to make an investment in the right partner, and while performance was good with some sources, dedicated customer service proved to be harder to find. Erick Calderon, GM at TransForce Digital Recruiting a Division of TransForce Group, says it’s been a positive experience working with Talroo.

“Talroo is my favorite team to work with. They have really good people and are willing to explore recruiting strategies together, as partners. Even though we began with a very small budget, they have always treated us like a $100,000-a-month account. Given the high level of customer service that Talroo has provided our team, we’ve grown our business with them exponentially.”

In the past, their team struggled to find recruiting partners that spent the time necessary to understand their needs and develop customized solutions. With staffing needs in high demand and varying by customer, they needed a personalized approach.

“Access to all the data is one thing, but the support and guidance over the course of our many campaigns has allowed us to utilize the insights available to us to strengthen our efforts. We have account managers who care and know the business. We have technical account managers that learned our system. In fact, the entire Talroo team is so personable, it’s actually a pleasure to have a meeting with them as we try to figure out how to get the best candidates matched with each unique job.”

Quality Over Quantity

In order to improve the process of attracting the right candidates, their team came up with a quality score for applicants. This is based on various factors including experience, certifications, availability and more. Qualifying questions, a job ad feature available to all Talroo customers, helped them funnel the right candidates through to the hiring stage.

Erick says, “The qualifying process we implemented with Talroo increased the number of quality candidates that we received, which was much greater than other job sources.”

Their cost per lead improved slightly, but the increase in the number of quality leads has made the greatest impact on their recruiting efforts.

One challenge for us has always been finding applicants that are seriously looking for work. The candidates we’re receiving from Talroo are actively seeking employment, so we’re able to better match them with our clients. We’ve seen our hiring numbers significantly increase per client.

Data-Driven Hiring

Their team was surprised by the amount of analytics available to them in the Talroo Ad Platform (TAP). TAP brings all the Talroo products into one place — and their team wasted no time utilizing the new data available to them.

“It’s literally changed the way we hire. We can see where in the country we’re getting candidates from and we’re also able to categorize by job type, so our sales team can funnel them to the right client for the right job.”

The customer service team at Talroo worked with Erick to help them create additional dashboards in their system utilizing an API. This helped their company monitor their recruiting efforts more holistically.

Robert Logan VP of Application Development says, “The Talroo Ad Platform is incredibly helpful. The dashboards we’ve built using their data helps us make better decisions and has made us smarter as recruiters. With Talroo, we finally have a partnership for all of our recruiting efforts.”

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