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Talroo Helps Horseshoe Bay Resort Scale Relocation Hiring

By partnering with Talroo, Horseshoe Bay Resort has been able to hire at scale and simplify their recruiting processes to bring customers a customized stay they’ll never forget.
At a Glance:
Industry: Hotels

Tucked away in the hill country of central Texas is a luxury escape with waterfront property, tranquil spas, exotic wildlife, gourmet restaurants, sun-kissed skies, and evergreen golf courses. Inside, are essential workers that bring the experience to life, inventing memories and getaways that are distinctly Texan. Some call it the heart of ‘cowboy country’, others know it as Horseshoe Bay Resort. 

Finding the perfect staff to create experiences of this magnitude comes with its challenges. Given their geographical location, Texas’ best kept secret is perfect for a retreat, but difficult for hiring. That’s why Horseshoe Bay Resort’s Head Recruiter, Daron Shiflet reached out to Talroo to find the best talent on the market to fit the caliber of an ever-growing resort.  

Staying Distinctly Texan 

Horseshoe Bay Resort goes out of its way to remain distinctly Texan. While the staff may be full of hospitality, they showcase “Texan hospitality” not just “Southern hospitality”. So, when looking for candidates with Talroo, Daron hand-picked hires that perfectly reflected those values. “I’m looking for a sense of Texas hospitality – it’s that extra little hand wave from the steering wheel when you’re driving down the street, it’s smiling to a stranger, holding doors open for people, pulling their chairs out.” Meeting these high standards for one or two hires was a challenge within itself; hiring 600-800 associates was another entirely. 

Thus, Daron needed to scale quickly without letting culture and quality deteriorate. He tried multiple different solutions and platforms, only to be stuck juggling 3 different companies, spending money with minimal results, and still struggling to hire at scale. 

According to Daron, “One of the major challenges that we have at the resort is our geographical location. We’re just beyond commuting distance for the metroplex so you must look for candidates that are willing to relocate. Recruiting for any industry is challenging, especially in hospitality. But being that Talroo can market to multiple different industries, it really benefits a resort of this size with over 40 departments. They’re able to market to all types of candidates simultaneously so that we’re able to concentrate our efforts internally more efficiently.”

Once Daron began using Talroo’s job platform he not only saw a new talent pool, but talent that knew what was being asked of them. Instead of dead-end interviews with candidates who couldn’t relocate, Talroo’s customer service team targeted ads to specific candidate profiles that fit Horseshoe Bay Resort’s EXACT criteria. New candidates overflowed the pipeline, meeting their experience needs with people conducive to their world building. Daron was no longer using 3 different job platforms but simplified his processes to solely using Talroo for better results.  

It Begins with Relationship 

With other companies, it was a far more generalized process that compiled candidates that sounded great on paper.  But when you need to hire quickly and efficiently (particularly for seasonal industries), time and resources are of the essence. “Recruiting is expensive. With Talroo, we’re able to save money on the time it takes to fill that position, but also, the revenue that is going to be generated by having that position filled.” Ultimately, the point of recruitment was to bring in candidates they COULD HIRE. That wasn’t just on paper – it was phone calls, community building, answering texts and emails, having expert support, and restructuring campaigns and job ads to be tailor made for Horseshoe Bay Resort. Talroo did just that. 

That synergy is where the magic happens.  

Talroo wasn’t just finding candidates, they were finding THEIR candidates. 

That magical chemistry is only made possible through relationships. According to Daron, Talroo felt more human. He wasn’t speaking with a machine, or institution where his voice fell flat. He built relationships with real people who knew his name, his account, and how to help. 

“What I like most about working with the Talroo team is their responsiveness and their agility. By nature of the hospitality industry, there is high turn-over, so you have to be able to turn on a dime. I can email my campaign administrator at Talroo and they can custom tailor my campaigns or meet any other requests within the hour. I’ve yet to send them an email that they have not responded to in the same day. In fact, my relationship with Talroo is so collaborative that it almost feels as though we are co-workers.” 

Quality Candidates from Quality Communication 

Horseshoe Bay Resort believes that the difference between good service and great service is in the finite details. Talroo believes the same. That’s why we take a microscope to the innerworkings of a company that often go unnoticed or take time to flesh out – because we’re not just finding candidates, we’re building workforces. As co-workers, clients and collaborators, Daron’s beliefs lined up closely to Talroo’s which is why he’s “never looking back. It’s been full steam ahead.” 

Horseshoe Bay Resort understands that the smallest details turn restaurant service into an art, housekeeping into precision, games into a sport, and resorts into experiences. You could travel anywhere in the world but that’s the difference when you visit Horseshoe Bay Resort. It’s a little taste of home away from home. It’s service wrapped with a smile. 

It’s Texas. Texas Hillcountry. 

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