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Staffmark Group Generates a $3M ROI on Recruiting Efforts

Talroo helped reach new audiences to deliver the high-quality candidates Staffmark Group needed to meet their growth goals.
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Industry: Commercial Staffing

Staffmark Group is a family of staffing brands that provides talent for companies across the United States in roles from clerical and administrative to warehouse and logistics and more.

Prior to Talroo, their talent acquisition team managed recruiting across a variety of the major job boards and sources. While their results were consistent, a growing demand for labor meant they needed a new solution for sourcing talent.

So, they partnered with Talroo to reach new audiences and discover the high-quality candidates they needed to meet their staffing needs and, ultimately, their growth goals.

Return on investment

Over the past two years, Staffmark Group’s recruiting needs increased so they launched pilot programs with various talent acquisition sources to reach new audiences to meet their unique needs. After a three month pilot with Talroo, they were pleasantly surprised at the increase in applications but more importantly the increase in their revenue.

“Measuring applications received is a nice start, but ultimately what I care about is revenue generated from the candidates we place in jobs. We’ve seen a $3M ROI from our partnership with Talroo,” says Kris Stipp, VP of Operations at Staffmark Group.

After seeing consistent results during the pilot period, Staffmark Group decided to expand their partnership with Talroo, increasing their investment.

“None of our other pilots came close to generating that level of revenue in such a short period of time. Looking beyond the financial performance, we’ve received consistent feedback from our team that they love the quality of candidates from Talroo,” says Kris.

Dedicated customer success

Given that the Staffmark team was exploring many new solutions, they were surprised at the level of support and involvement from the dedicated customer success team at Talroo.

“The Talroo customer success team helped guide us through our campaign configurations and how to set everything up. We really appreciate how closely the Talroo team monitors and improves our campaigns, which gets the most out of our budget and helps make us successful,” says Holly Anderson, Talent Acquisition Consultant at Staffmark Group.

Achieving and measuring results

Kris and her team expressed early on that the two things that are most important to their recruiting team are speed and data.

“Talroo helped us get our jobs shared and promoted quickly, which isn’t always the case when in a pilot where both sides have a learning curve,” says Kris.

Talroo also helped ease their anxiety by ensuring source attribution for all their applicants, allowing them to effectively measure performance and improve results over time.

“When we were seeing such great results so early, our team thought there was something wrong with our reports because we were seeing such high performance so soon. When we confirmed the performance data was accurate, we knew that we were ready to make a long-term commitment with Talroo.” says Holly

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