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Talroo helps RISE increase job candidate quality.

At a Glance:
Industry: Non-Profit Caretaking Services
Challenges: Attracting qualified applicants, Lack of holistic job platform, Lack of “human” relationship with job boards
Results: Meeting staffing goals effectively, Access to platform with AI technology and analytics, Maintaining a beneficial relationship with Talroo

RISE Services, Inc. is a non-profit organization that strives to support local communities through employment assistance, home and community-based services, foster care, professional parenting, adoption, after-school and summer programs, mental and physical health services, developmental specialties, and more. Spreading across the country in states such as Utah, Arizona, Oregon, Idaho, North Carolina, and Florida, their dream is creating a world in which everyone is included, valued, and empowered to fulfill their potential regardless of abilities or challenges.

Before partnering with Talroo, their Oregon talent acquisition team utilized multiple job boards to find and hire their candidates. This led to varying and often unreliable results. The experience needed of RISE Services’ next line of caretakers were not easy to find. They needed candidates that would not only possess the experience they needed, but the heart and passion to do the work required of them.

In order to achieve their hiring goals, RISE Services decided to partner with Talroo to reach new audiences and uncover the high quality candidates they needed to care for their clientele.

How Traditional Job Boards Failed

Northern Regional Recruiter of Oregon, Lindsay Cassista, looks for specific qualities and skills when searching for RISE Services’ next candidates: “It’s an entry level position, so you don’t have to have any prior caregiving experience. We work with developmental disabilities. So, the qualities that we’re looking for in candidates are somebody who is a strong communicator, adaptable, and somebody who works well under pressure or stress because you are still working with humans, and humans are allowed to have a bad day. Ideally, we are looking for someone that has a lot of compassion and love for other community members.”

Finding caretakers with the appropriate soft skills without compromising proper experience and training proved challenging. From Lindsay’s experience using traditional job board platforms, applicants were mainly focused on wages rather than the work that they would be doing. Because of this, the quality of applicants that came through weren’t as desirable and the compassion required for the job was slipping through the cracks. These challenges made it difficult to scale hiring while maintaining the integrity of rehabilitative and empowering care.

Taylor Carlile, the Southern Regional Recruiter of Oregon, said, “In my Eugene area, we had ten Talroo interviews and we made ten Talroo hires.” This was unheard of at RISE Services prior to Talroo’s specifically targeted services – attracting applicants was one challenge, but hiring those applicants was an even smaller occurrence. Finding these caretakers quickly without compromise ensured their clients received the support they deserved with enough staff to accomplish it.

Talroo’s Dedication to “Human” Experiences

At Talroo, we are dedicated to providing a more human and personal customer experience. This did not only come in the form of a traditional partner relationship with RISE Services, but also the type of candidates that they attracted.

As RISE Services began attracting candidates via Talroo, Lindsay stated, “I feel like with Talroo (at least in my experience), a lot of the applicants that I’ve dealt with have lots of experience with caregiving, and they fit the role a lot more than our other platforms would.” This was evidenced by more “human” interaction with candidates who were reliable and passionate about the work, making them more likely to show up to interviews.

Compared to Lindsay and Taylor’s experience with other job boards, Talroo stole the show when it came to building customer relationships. According to Lindsay, “I know for me personally, it’s really nice having a team that is quick to respond — and that’s huge. Especially because day-to-day plans change and things come up, so when we need to make adjustments to our jobs, it’s easy to communicate with Talroo. That’s one thing I really care about — having open communication; and our talent team has been full of rockstars.”

Taylor also expressed how helpful the Talroo representatives were in educating her on the user-friendly layout of Talroo’s job ad platform, making it simple to operate and translate into day-to-day hiring.

Lindsay and Taylor are no longer interested in speaking to machines and talking to emotionless walls. They want a hiring solution as personable as their company with real people behind the scenes. They now have a hiring ally who is not only “personable and responsive,” but also shares their view of great service rooted in meeting unique human needs. That’s why Talroo pays close attention to the fundamentals of a company and its employees which are too often overlooked, but too vital to be ignored.

Talroo doesn’t believe in just finding candidates for numbers’ sake but building a reliable workforce to invest in and support the communities around us.

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