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Talroo helps RET find viable candidate leads.

At a Glance:
Industry: Trucking

Reliable Express Transport craved a simpler way to source gig workers and freelancers – that’s when they discovered Talroo. As a last mile carrier company, Reliable Express Transport worked closely with B2B and B2C customers to deliver eCommerce around the Midwest. That meant business relied on the capabilities of contractors, gig workers, and truck drivers to carry the workload. Without them, deliveries fell flat, and the backbone of the company was at risk of fracturing. So, RET began searching for a solution to fill the gap and seal the cracks.

During the pandemic, Reliable Express Transport began offering around-the-clock service to help meet the needs of a booming supply chain. As online ordering became commonplace, business accelerated – but as business accelerated, so did their staffing needs. That’s where Talroo came in.

More Control Over What Matters

With COVID, the concept of the gig worker exploded and with competition being fierce, they needed to hire at scale. “We tried using other staffing solutions,” RET said, “and while we were getting applicants, we were unable to run and customize our campaigns. We also didn’t have control over how much we wanted to spend a month or open more targeted campaigns.”

According to them, job bids were getting lost in locations that they didn’t even service, leaving the company struggling to find VIABLE candidates. “With Talroo’s smart tech we were able to target candidates by zip codes that we serviced, leaving the ball in our court once [Talroo] brought applicants through the door.”

Responsiveness and availability were key to success. “It became as simple as calling the Talroo team for recruitment knowledge and suggestions. They were experts on the subject matter and helped us learn the ropes quickly. They tweaked our job titles and postings to see what worked. Then we were able to adjust campaigns to meet our needs.”

Stronger Retention and Steady Flow of Candidates

What used to take them hours to complete, quickly dwindled down to an hour a day. With all the extra time, they were able to refocus their efforts on training, growth, and elevating customer experiences. It made searching for candidates “as simple as downloading the applicants and uploading them into our system. It was a seamless transition, making it as hands off for us as possible.”

Within the first month, Reliable Express Transport’s hiring grew by 20% with quality candidates. “We learned how to approach [our target audience]; we built automated text features through Talroo’s online portals which gave us a better response rate and took stress off our HR team.” Once their candidate funnel became a well-oiled machine, the team focused their efforts on other vital components of the recruitment process. RET attributes this to their significantly higher retention rates as they have honed-in on the needs of their contractors.

Customer Experience in the Details

Many talent acquisition companies disappear after you sign the dotted line; Reliable Express Transport took advantage of the relationship Talroo offers to both listen to and meet their needs. Talroo’s Customer Success resources allowed them to customize Reliable Express Transport’s job bids and ultimately lead their team to their full growth potential. Now, RET leaves the hiring funnel to Talroo’s AI and builds their team to create an even more reliable experience for local deliveries.

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