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Choctaw Nation Partners with Talroo to Deliver Qualified Candidates at Speed

At a Glance:
Industry: Various
Annual placements: 5,000+

With around 200,000 members, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is the third largest tribe in the United States. Robert Dromgoole, head of recruiting for the organization, joined about three years ago and was tasked with building a successful recruiting team.

Today, they are attracting and placing about 5,000 candidates a year for a wide variety of industries including restaurants, resorts, hospitals, and farms. At that hiring volume, the challenge was to find enough qualified candidates to fill openings quickly.

This would require not only the right technology but also a recruiting partner that was going to invest the time to understand Robert’s unique hiring needs for the Choctaw Nation.

Talroo partnered with Robert and his team to implement a recruiting strategy that could deliver the right candidates at speed, helping them build and maintain their essential workforce.

Quality over quantity

Robert built up a recruiting team of 40 people who manage a long list of industries. The team was already using a couple of the major talent attraction platforms but didn’t receive quite the results they were looking for.

“We spend a lot of money on recruiting and in many ways, it’s meeting our needs. However, given how diverse our jobs are, we needed a solution that tapped into new audiences. Talroo has been able to reach audiences we weren’t seeing elsewhere to deliver candidates in high demand,” says Robert.

Dedicated customer service

With such a high volume of jobs to manage across a number of locations, Robert understood the importance of communication within his team.

But it was the external communication with recruiting sources that needed improvement if they were going to maximize their hiring efforts.

“The Talroo team is a lot more involved than any of the other recruiting companies that we work with. Their team monitors our LinkedIn activity for our jobs, which is a level of engagement we just don’t see anywhere else,” says Robert.

“With the other recruiting sources, we have great tools but we’re mostly left to figure things out on our own. With Talroo, we actually have a recruiting partner that has guided us from day one. They have made the investment to understand our needs and deliver results not only quickly, but consistently.”

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