How it Works

Talent Attraction

Talroo’s technology takes the work out of job advertising. Leveraging our unique audiences combined with our industry-leading search technology, we get your jobs in front of the right candidates.

You get the applications you need to make hires, without wasted budget or wasted time.

targeted candidate example image
targeted candidate example image

Target the best candidates for your jobs, in your industry

With over 1 billion monthly searches, Talroo finds the audiences you need to make hires.

Our network includes job boards, niche sites, and everything in between — through channels like email, search engines, SMS, and push notifications — so you can reach your candidates on their terms.

Your jobs are seen by unique, active candidates that are searching for your jobs specifically.

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We turn up what works,
and turn down what doesn’t

Our technology finds the best audiences for your jobs. We turn up what works and turn down what doesn’t. And you only pay when candidates actually interact with your jobs.

We use a data-driven approach to make sure that your job ads are seen by the right candidates, at the right time, in the right place.

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How do we do it?

Using more than 500 industry classifications, Talroo’s technology is able to optimize the fit between job ad and job seeker.

That means more job seekers convert to job applicants.

Not only do you get better candidates, you get active, engaged job seekers — not stale candidates from resume banks or the fastest people to click-to-apply.

The best part? You only pay when a candidate clicks or applies to your jobs, so you eliminate wasted ad spend.

Less money, less time, better candidates.

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Unrivaled Client Service

Talroo is proud to provide unparalleled client service. Your Client Success Analysts are subject matter experts for the duration of your campaign.

From implementation to optimization, they will be your information resource, just a phone call or email away.

Using their experience of your industry, they will work with you on setting locations for your jobs, optimizing job titles and descriptions, and providing feedback on proven best practices that will reduce your cost-per-click or cost-per-application.

Regular check-ins and reporting will keep you up to date with the success of your campaign.

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Best industry response time

Optimization on your goals

Industry-specific expertise

Daily campaign monitoring

Proactive custom reporting
Reach new candidate sources. Make better hires. Learn more about how Talroo can help. Get Started