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Talroo is the #1 network powering over 1 billion job searches monthly, across thousands of sites. Jobs2Careers is only one site in the Talroo universe.

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Talroo offers a suite of recruitment tools. From gaining visibility for your job advertising, meeting the right candidates, to optimizing your campaign, Talroo can help your company hire better.

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What is a programmatic network?

Programmatic job advertising is a buying methodology to ensure you are reaching the right candidate audiences for your jobs at scale based on your hiring goals and budget.

When you advertise with Talroo, our search technology ensures your jobs are matched with unique, engaged job seekers that you want to hire. From big job sites that you know, to niche interest sites that we have uncovered, Talroo represents an untapped talent pool across a variety of industries.

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Talroo is ideal for high-volume, high-turnover positions in retail, restaurant, customer service, healthcare, transportation, and more. We sync with your career site to advertise any and all jobs that you need more people to see.

  • We work with your existing ATS and HR tech stack

  • Dedicated Client Success Analyst throughout your campaign

  • Pay for performance: only pay when a candidate interacts with your ad