Recruiting is like sales, so here’s how to sell

The staffing shortages in our current talent marketplace have reached critical levels,
and businesses are losing millions of dollars every quarter.

Today's job market


Number of job openings in 2022*

Number of unemployed individuals in 2022**



Quit Rate*



How can recruiters stand out amid a tight job market and falling unemployment?

What job seekers want

Meet them where they are. Make your application process simple and don’t require any unnecessary hurdles.

Time to hire is key: The faster you respond, the better chance you have of establishing a connection with the candidate.

Employees want flexibility in both where and when they work.

86% of employers require a resume to apply BUT

76% of job seekers are looking for jobs on their mobile devices AND ONLY

37% of job seekers have a resume saved on their mobile devices

To make hires in today’s market, you’ll have to get creative.

Thinking like a salesperson

Moving candidates through your hiring funnel is very similar to how sales teams move customers through the sales funnel.

Recruiting funnel example. Recruiting funnel example.

How do you stop thinking like a recruiter and start thinking like a salesperson?

Proven sales strategies for recruiting

Diversification icon.
Diversify recruiting efforts
Performance icon.
Track performance across all channels
Competition icon.
Establish competitive positioning
Iteration icon.
Iterate on past efforts

Diversify recruiting efforts

Just as salespeople diversify the sources and channels they use to promote their company, products and services, recruiters must diversify the sources and channels they use to post jobs and build relationships with prospective candidates.

According to a survey we conducted in late 2021 with the WBR Insights team of recruiters and job seekers:
of job seekers are using 1-3 online job sources
are using over 3.

Track performance across all channels

In sales reporting, we have transparency that leads to a greater ROI and speed to a close.

In recruiting, being able to track performance allows us to drill down and focus on the sources with the highest return on investment.

Performance chart example. Performance chart example.

Learn from Talroo CEO and TA Veteran, Thad Price, in our webinar on how recruiters can think like sales people to make more hires.

Establish competitive positioning

In sales, you need to understand

what your competitors are doing and how

they are getting results in order to position yourself and explain your products and services.

In recruiting, you must do the same

in order to be competitive in the talent marketplace

and sell your job postings to candidates better than other companies do.

Iterate on past efforts

Having data on previous campaigns in both sales and in

recruitment marketing

allows us to A/B test and

scale what works best.

Example split test cell phones.

The sales-driven recruiting strategy

In today’s tight job market and increasingly digital world, recruiters need to consider various mindsets in order to find success. Thinking like a marketer or a salesperson may be the key.

Follow these strategies to boost your applications and make more hires.

Identification icon.
Know your competition
Budget icon.
Plan your budget
Measurement icon.
Measure your KPIs
Strategy icon.
Evolve and iterate your strategy

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

*as of Jan 2022

**as of March 2022

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